TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms of the past few years and has been providing millions of users with entertainment. It comes as no surprise that many businesses have begun using it as a result. The platform also offers many individuals to become popular, especially influencers to make a few bucks.

The first and most important thing is to have the right follower base. This means that if you have a real audience that will truly engage with your brand, you have a chance to become popular and UseViral is a growth service that can give you this result and more, just by deciding to buy TikTok followers and wait to see how quickly they are delivered to your account. By being one of the most popular growth services online, they will make sure that your followers are nice and targeted, so you don’t have to waste your time with people who aren’t going to be interested in your account.

Another important thing to do when joining TikTok is to join a niche if you want many followers, and this can be a problem for many if you haven’t used social media platforms before. If you would like to join which niches are the most popular, or the differences between them, here is what you need to know.


TikTok is above all, an entertainment platform, which means that many people use TikTok to be entertained. There is nothing better than watching a lip-syncing video where people go completely over the top, or do the reverse of what the mood of the song suggests.

If you are not sure what lip-syncing is, it’s basically when someone pretends to be singing a song while the actual song is playing, or in this case, being played along with the accompanying video. Imagine watching someone smiling, dancing and pretending to sing “My heart will go on” and you might understand how that can be entertaining.


This is not a niche that just anyone can be a part of, since it is art, so it does unfortunately require some skill if you want your TikTok’s to be noticed. If you are really good at art, in any capacity, then TikTok could be just the platform for you.

A lot of videos related to art on TikTok show the process of creating the art in question, and many of them build suspense, where the viewer isn’t exactly sure what is being made and then is pleasantly surprised when the result is revealed.


Another very popular niche that is gaining more and more attention each day is fashion, and since this is another creative niche, it allows for a lot of freedom. If you enjoy creating clothing, then you can try creating iconic outfits that anime characters wear, for example.

One of the reasons people enjoy watching these videos is because it helps them keep up to date with what is popular or trending, as well as helps them to decide what to buy next. Many of the accounts just give fashion advice, so that is something that you could try as well.


Something that literally every human has in common is that they need to eat food, and for those who are good at making it, TikTok is the perfect platform to show your skill. From tips to roasting chicken, to exotic dishes and baking cakes, you will find almost every food being made here.

Cooking and baking are very popular on TikTok since the videos are literally video recipes that show users every step of the process so they can kind of follow along, and many creators leave the links to the recipes in their profiles.


If there is one thing that people love to see, it’s that regular people just like them can achieve their fitness goals, which is why this niche is so popular. A lot of creators show their progress from day one which helps them to form a connection with their audience.

A really good idea when creating this content is to provide tips and workouts that people can use that you used to gain results. You could even include any supplements that you take, or review various supplements or diets that you found worked well, or didn’t.


Regardless of which social media platform you are using, there will always be people who upload photos or videos of their pets, and TikTok is no different, and the niche is incredibly popular. There are so many different approaches to these videos and an endless amount of content that can be created.

What many creators do is either blog their daily life and interactions with their pets, or upload funny videos of fails involving their pets. Another video idea that is popular is showing how to groom different animals, especially dogs, for those who don’t want to go the groomers and want learn how to do it themselves.

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