Annapolis, MD – Love Maryland PAC and United Maryland for Education Equality will be hosting a rally Wednesday evening at 5:30 PM in Lawyer’s Mall in Annapolis to oppose the recent mandate of the COVID-19 vaccination for all University System of Maryland students, faculty, and staff.

“Mandating a vaccine is a big decision. Hasty mandates can and will lead to harm to our residents. While I commend the University for stating that they will be respecting Medical and Religious exemptions, there are still questions about the legality of potentially rejecting someone’s religious beliefs, as several USM schools have stated they intend to do.

In addition, there are many residents in Maryland who are choosing to wait until clinical trials are completed in late 2022 or early 2023 so that they can see more robust safety outcomes. Safety data often allows for researchers to discover who a product, like a vaccination, may not be the best fit for. There are still more questions than answers, particularly for our residents with pre-existing conditions.

The University System of Maryland should immediately rescind its mandate and allow for individuals to make their healthcare decisions with their physicians. Denying students a taxpayer-subsidized education or equal access to an education because they are making a healthcare choice that is right for them should be rejected by the leaders of our great state.

This Wednesday, we intend to bring those directly impacted communities to speak to the Governor and the state and share their feelings on this issue. Discrimination, segregation, and isolation of Maryland residents based on their decision to get the COVID-19 vaccination is unacceptable and we ask the Governor to put an end to it immediately.”

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