If you asked most people what’s 2020 been like for them or have them try and describe it in one word (deducting the introduction), they would probably say something like, ‘the year of the NO’s’; or, in other words, the year that’s put everyone on edge.

The inability to do the most everyday things such as going shopping or visiting a friend had been prohibited altogether, giving rise to either complete boredom or brave attempts to reinvent oneself and adjust to the new circumstances COVID19 has dictated. Yes, when people have plenty of free time on their hands, it could evolve in either direction. And when it does resolve in the more productive and creative solution, brilliant things boasting a plethora of TikTok likes could come to light.

What Happens During World Lockdown?

For one, people become viral on TikTok! TikTok is an example of an app that benefited from the craziness caused by COVID19 (along with other social media platforms). It’s funny that sometimes only once we’re backed into a corner (a global pandemic, for instance) could the usage rates of a gem sky-rocket with popularity.

And what’s there not to appreciate about TikTok? This video-centered app abounds with joyful and entertaining content that’s capable of cheering up everyone when they’re down or looking for some distraction from daily hardships, even if the videos there are only a few seconds long. From dancing videos to lip-synching-themed productions, we could find anything there and follow the most-trending TikTokers in any particular niche and be the first ones to know when they’ve uploaded a new TikTok video.

If there’s one thing that’s not so awesome about TikTok, there is an endless number of users trying to take advantage of this buzzing hub and get their share of TikTok-fame every day. This makes TikTok a somewhat competitive app, where getting attention might be harder than we initially assumed.

How Do TikTok Influencers Promote Themselves?

People who know how things go on TikTok often resolve to the most accessible solution available to give them an exposure-boost, buying bot-automated TikTok engagement from external sources, hopefully leaving dust to their competitors this way.

Beating Up Your Greatest Rivals

If you want to outsmart those looking for magic solutions, though, compromising on bot engagement will do more harm than good. By doing so, you risk your TikTok account getting a ban. Furthermore, these big numbers don’t mean much at the end of the day; rather, bot TikTok followers don’t engage with your content the way an authentic account does, which brings you to square-one back again. What’s more, businesses and brands have no interest in collaborating with TikTokers who’ve become popular only because they bought a pack of fake TikTok followers.

Is There An Alternative?

Indeed, there is. Rather than buying followers or likes from the first site you encounter, you should look for a source with positive reviews from previous clients. Thus, you’ll remain on the safe side and avoid any unpleasantries that might occur when buying TikTok engagement from third parties.

Secondly, you should also inquire at what pace the site at hand delivers its products; if they invest all the followers (or likes, for that matter) in one go, this might end in a penalty resulting from the TikTok algorithm detecting this activity as an unnatural one.

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