De-escalation training has always been and continues to be a priority for the CCSO. Recently, this group of officers completed an intensive course which will allow them to serve as De-Escalation Trainers.

For six weeks, the group met with Dr. Melanye Smith to focus on various topics, including:

  • the history of police and various use of force statistics,
  • the use of force continuum,
  • de-escalation techniques,
  • crisis intervention team techniques,
  • building community trust,
  • duty to intervene,
  • critical thinking/emotional intelligence, and
  • communication.

“Our officers walk into situations every day that require some type of de-escalation. It is imperative that we continually have conversations and training to focus on de-escalating situations in order to keep everyone involved safe,” said Sheriff Berry. “I’m very proud of these officers for stepping up in this initiative to help train our staff.” 

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