Camping often gets a bad reputation for being complicated, uncomfortable, and stressful. In the past, when there were fewer accessories available it definitely could be those things. However, the pros were still there, being outside, getting closer to nature, the quiet, and the feeling of surviving on your own. Nowadays you can find lots of useful things to make your camping life that little bit easier. This article will show you a few modern solutions that will improve your camping trips fast and easy.

Camping Trailers

The biggest improvement in camping in recent years is the accessibility of camping trailers. No longer do you have to shell out to buy a huge mobile apartment. Most traditional trailers were just too big for your average camping fan to store in their garage. These days you can get a modern pop up camper which is more compact but pops out to become a comfortable living space. Given that you will need to be driving to get out of Maryland anyway, you may as well get your tent attached to your car. These often have the benefit of being able to run electricity from your car battery, should you need it. Getting yourself a modern camping trailer will be sure to improve your camping trips.

Get Yourself A Cocoon Tent

For those of you who like camping but are put off by all of the insects in the wild – this could be for you. There has been a massive boom in tent options for campers in recent years. Cocoons are one of these innovations. Designed as a part tent, part sleeping bag you attach this pod to a nearby tree and it hangs above the ground. This ensures that no creepy crawlies will get into your area. Although you could technically sleep in these, it might not be very comfortable. A recommendation would be to get one of these to hang out in, as a way of shielding yourself from the mosquitoes in Maryland. This way you’re still able to enjoy the view outside but are safe from insects. You could also use it as a way of storing food away from your tent. Cocoons are a handy piece of kit that has many different uses to improve your camping experience.

Portable Shower

If you like camping out in the wild, away from campsites that have toilets and a shower block then a portable shower could be really useful. There are loads of different options for these gadgets and you should be able to find them in any outdoor shop. Essentially they are a bag with a nozzle on the end, you fill the bag with water, hang it up from a nearby branch, open the nozzle and the water comes out like a showerhead. You can even set them up to collect rainwater so that you don’t have to waste your drinking water. Not having a shower can make it unappealing to venture too far off the beaten path, but some of the most beautiful parts of Maryland are to be found there. Portable showers are cheap and a great way to improve your camping holiday.

Upgrade Your Stove

Your childhood camping trips may have been synonymous with sitting around a tiny gas burner, in the rain, waiting for some canned food to get hot. Well, portable stoves have come on leaps and bounds since then. If you aren’t traveling with an RV that has a kitchen anyway, you might want to look at getting a modern gas stove. These are essentially a way of having the top part of your stove with you and look just like a regular gas burner. You can also get ones that have various attachments to turn them into hot plates which are great for barbecuing. They run off canisters of gas which are easy to get a hold of. The main benefit of these types of stoves, versus the older styled ones is that they are very easy to keep flat whilst you’re cooking. The old-fashioned ones were so easy to overbalance, especially when you are on uneven ground. Upgrading your stove to a modern gas solution is one of the easiest and quickest ways to make your camping life so much easier.

Satellite TV

Bringing a small tv with you might seem like an odd thing to do on a camping trip, especially if you are there to enjoy the outdoors. Getting away from screens is one of the big appeals of camping but having an emergency satellite tv isn’t a bad idea. For one thing, the weather in Maryland could change at any moment and you wouldn’t want to be stuck inside your tent all day with nothing to do. Also, if you are planning on camping with kids, it might go a long way in placating them if they are getting irritable or bored. This might seem like giving in, but it’s more just being practical. You could always not tell them that you have one and keep it as a surprise! Bringing a small satellite tv with you on your camping trips is a great backup for bad weather or unhappy children.

Into The Wild

With the modern world becoming less and less focused on nature, spending time camping in the great outdoors can feel like a necessary way to reconnect with the earth. Especially with the range of landscapes available in and around Maryland, being able to explore that and sleep amongst it can be great. To be as comfortable as possible and make your camping experience more enjoyable, you may want to consider getting a few modern accessories. These solutions could be; getting a pop-up camping trailer, a cocoon tent, a portable shower, upgrading your stove, or getting small satellite tv. If you want to make your life harder then sure, you can just rock up with a tent and a sleeping bag and get on with it. There is no shame in taking advantage of new camping inventions as they were made to make camping more fun. This article should have given you some ideas for modern solutions to improve your camping trips, so what are you waiting for? Go on and get out into the wild!

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