It is highly commendable that you’re concerned about lowering your carbon footprint. You may not have considered it exactly this way when you set out to lower your energy usage at home, but this is ultimately the result. The more the world modernizes, the more focus is placed on finding new and innovative ways to cut energy output. From lights to heaters to energy-efficient appliances, the importance of maintaining an eco-friendly way of life is catching on. Here are some ways you can make a difference in your household’s energy consumption.

Tankless Water Heaters

As the name suggests, with tankless heaters, you get hot water on demand. Free of any clunky tank, you simply turn on the shower and in seconds will be bathed in hot water as the initially cold water, running through a compact unit, is immediately heated. No more will energy be wasted on heating and reheating water stored in a tank until it is utilized. Imagine how much money you’ll save! When you’re ready for your tankless water heater purchases, be sure to specify whether you prefer natural gas or an electric-powered unit. Electric units are cheaper, however, not all houses have a power system that can sustain the heater. This is something to keep in mind and to have evaluated.

Once installed, see that proper maintenance is given based on professional specifications. With gas tankless heaters, be on the lookout for mineral build-up which will cause the heater to work harder to deliver hot water hence decreasing its efficiency. Electric heaters, on the other hand, will not pose such a problem. A regular inlet screen cleaning will suffice.

Change Your Lighting

If you’re currently using anything other than LED or CFL lights, please swap it out right away. No other bulbs deliver as much energy efficiency as these two. Lumens, which dictate just how energetically economical a light bulb is, amount to approximately twenty for a regular bulb. For CFL lighting, that increases up to 70 lumens, and LED a cool 100. Now you have a clearer idea of just how much no other bulb just can’t match up.

A compact fluorescent lamp will be very cheap to purchase however, it is not dimmable and will take a few seconds to warm up to full brightness. The mercury content in these bulbs should cause them to be handled with extra caution. LEDs contain no mercury, cost a bit more but are extremely durable. This represents the best and most popular choice for its energy-saving ability. Whichever of these two you do decide to try out will be better than any other.

Lower Your Thermostat

The body naturally fluctuates its temperature to find homeostasis. This balance is key to the normal functioning of the system. Sometimes, you choose to help the body out by using man-made gadgets. This is where the thermostat comes in, being used to increase or decrease the temperature in the home so that you feel neither too cold nor too hot. Regulating your thermostat could have a great impact on energy conservation. Has yours been set to a certain number that has not changed for the past few months? If so, let’s change that.

By lowering your thermostat five to ten degrees for up to eight hours daily, you stand to save up to ten percent annually on your electricity bill. In the winter, it is advised that if you will be out of the house for a certain period of time, you lower the thermostat. Also, for bed, you can turn it down a couple of degrees. During the summer, aim to set it as high as comfortably possible when you are leaving home and cool the temperature when you get back in. Try to avoid using the thermostat as a second ac unit as more energy will be consumed unnecessarily.

Unplug Appliances Not In Use

You may believe that as long as you’re not using an appliance or your chargers, it doesn’t matter if it remains connected, no energy is being lost. This belief is false. If you don’t switch off the power from the socket, the connection still maintains and power is being used. This habit of many will add to the costs. Take a look around the house and observe just how many such situations are ongoing and be more conscious to make a change.

Becoming attentive to the many ways you can reduce your energy usage will have a big impact on your bills but also on the environment. Try one or all the suggestions to see for yourself the truth behind the claims.

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