As one of the easiest methods of getting a quick cash advance, payday loans are widely offered to the public. The exceptions are states where the specific regulations regarding these loans are enforced.

Such a situation is currently troublesome for the Maryland residents. Still, with some quality advice from Cashloansnearby in Ohio, you can get the most out of available options. We’ll guide you through the payday loan alternatives available in the state of Maryland.

Moreover, we strive to lead you through all the alternatives so that you have an easy time striking the loans. If you are a Maryland resident, we’ve got some good news for you; although payday loans are banned, the loan interest rates are low.

So, one of the solutions on payday loan alternatives in Maryland should easily cover your loan needs!

Types of Payday Loan Alternatives in Maryland

As stated by the law in Maryland, the advance lenders have to be licensed by the Commissioner of Financial Regulation. So, all the existing service providers have to agree with the extremely low-interest rates.

Perhaps it can even be an advantage for the Maryland public that the advance loans are so thoroughly regulated. Without further delay, let’s now focus on various types of payday loan alternatives available in Maryland.

Short Term Loan Alternative

A short-term loan from financial institutions of Maryland is among the closest things to payday loans to find. Once in the government program, the user can take advantage of the advanced loan systems established in Maryland.

Even extensions of the payments can be set up in coordination with a financial expert. It’s fairly easy for you to find short-term loans in Maryland that differ from payday loan services.

Prepaid Debit Card Loans

Another aspect that may interest you in terms of payday loan alternatives is the prepaid card loan. In essence, you can set up specific rules with the lender about the means of depositing on the prepaid card. The funds received can freely be used with a personal PIN code given to the user.

However, although this option is quite efficient, it still borders with the payday loan services. So, be careful with this type of offer in Maryland.

Installment Loans in Maryland

One of the easiest and legit means of financial loans in Maryland is installment loans. As much as these loans come by certain rules, their return mechanism makes them exciting for one of the payday loan alternatives.

The lender will agree with you depending on the proposed period for returning the funds. In some cases, even extensions are possible, but watch out for the raised interest rates in such cases.

Maryland Government Programs

As much as this option isn’t among conventional payday loan alternatives, it can be quite effective. Namely, the residents of Maryland can participate in various government programs and prevent the need for a payday loan.

Government training programs can help you get on your feet with the business, while supportive programs overlap. Family Assistance is one of the main government programs and involves helping families with low income.

This form of short-term loan is much more convenient for use than traditional payday loans with high interest rates.


In essence, the recommended payday loan alternatives listed aren’t that much different from the payday loan itself. Some of the methods also include government-proposed interest rates, but with lower terms.

Prohibition of payday loans can prove to be a good thing in this case as the government works closely with the public on more affordable loans.

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