Last year, many countries have seen an increase in the use of bicycles. Due to the pandemic, many resorted to using it not just to ensure their safety as they distance themselves from other people, but also because of its numerous benefits for the body.

And even if many countries have already started easing their restrictions, cycling seems to stay here for good. And because more and more people are now switching to using bikes, it’s important to know how one can ensure their safety while on the road. Whether or not it’s your first time cycling, here are some tips you need to take note of for your safety.

Wear a Helmet

Rules and regulations may differ depending on where you live. Regardless, it is a must that you wear a helmet even if your destination is just two blocks away.

Remember, accidents can happen anytime. So, it’s best to play safe and wear your helmet as researchers say that it can reduce serious head injuries by almost 70 percent. By simply wearing a helmet, you can prevent even unintentional bike deaths.

Sure, it may feel a little uncomfortable at first, especially when the weather is too hot. But, it will keep you safe and prevent serious injuries.

Know the Law

When riding on the road, even if you’re just using a bike, you still need to abide by the traffic rules just as other motorists do. This will lessen the chances of accidents on the road.

However, sometimes, accidents may happen because of other riders who aren’t much familiar with the safety rules and precautions. When this happens and you are in need of a bicycle accident lawyer, remember to hire the ones who are experienced. This way, you’ll have more edge in the court.

When you know the law, you’re not just able to protect yourself from accidents, but others too. So, make sure that you know them first and follow them.

Check Equipment First

Many cyclists overlook the importance of checking their equipment first before hitting the road. But just because your bike seems to look okay doesn’t mean you won’t check it thoroughly.

Apparently, bike accidents aren’t only caused by distracted drivers. They may also be due to equipment malfunctions.

But, the good news is, you can reduce the risk of such accidents by ensuring that your bike is in its good state every time before you hit the road. Check its tires if they’re properly inflated, your reflectors and lights if they’re working well, and of course, see if your bike has fractures or any issues.

Use Reflective Gear

Unlike cars, bikes are not always easy to see on the road. Because of this, accidents are likely to occur. So, make sure that you stay visible, especially at night and when you’re crossing intersections.

What you can do is install reflectors on your bike. Additionally, skip your favorite dark clothes and go for bright or reflective clothing instead, such as neon pink, green, or orange. Doing so will help you become more visible on the road, especially for vehicles behind you, reducing the risk of bike accidents.

Ride as if You’re in a Car

Many people take advantage of their bicycle’s size, especially during heavy traffic. Often, riders would just bike along sidewalks as it’s easier to do and you can avoid the congested roads.

True enough, this will help you get to your destination quickly without spending too much time stuck in traffic. But, it turns out, doing this is dangerous for several reasons.

First, of course, sidewalks are for pedestrians. Thus, you’re more likely to crash into people or lose control when it’s crowded.

Second, sidewalk pavements are usually uneven compared to asphalt roads. Because of this, you might hit bumps or cracks, that could not only damage your bicycle but will also increase the chances of accidents.

And because sidewalks are for pedestrians, cars don’t expect bicycles to enter the road from it. Therefore, the chances of accidents are high too.

Many cyclists also take advantage of their bikes by weaving in and out of traffic and cutting across multiple lanes at once as it’s easier for them to do it because of their bike’s size. But if you do this, you’re only limiting your visibility to other drivers and increasing your chances of getting hit by cars. To keep yourself safe, ride like you’re in a car too.

Riding a bike is fun, convenient, and has numerous benefits for the body. But, be sure you know how you can keep yourself safe while on the road.

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