Can Bingo Halls Survive The Massive Growth of Online Bingo

Bingo is a popular game of chance enjoyed by plenty of people worldwide. For some, it has even been an integral part of their recreation and social interaction. Part of its fun is enjoying the game hall and chatting with a few friends or strangers.

However, the landscapes of gambling are changing along with technology. Just as plenty of the classic gambling games made it online, bingo has also started shifting its playing ground. Read this article and find out what’s in store for the future of bingo amidst the rising trends in technology.

Bingo Halls Are Struggling

Brick and mortar bingo halls have long held the operations of the game. This fact was undisputed until the turn of the century. In which, many factors have slowly been dragging these bingo establishments in a slow but inevitable decline.

Aging Population

Aging is inevitable, so older players of bingo also need to retire from the game. All crowds will come to a point where they can no longer physically attend their special sessions. And just like any generation, a new one will naturally take over – but this is where the problem starts.

Younger Generation Prefers Online

The older population of bingo players is retiring. Thus, the younger generation certainly is starting to pick up the tabs, But on a different platform. Additionally, this scenario is what hits the bingo halls so hard.

Younger bingo players show more interest in playing the game online. Records show the steady increase of online bingo players, which consequently boosts its market. One key factor to this growth is the capability of playing anywhere and anytime convenient.

This news is great for online bingo sites but terrible for offline ones. If more players are online, fewer crowds will have the time to attend physical sessions. Although there are still those who play both online and offline, convenience is still the determining frequency.

Added Burden of the Pandemic

If anything, the not-so-pleasant surprise of 2020 added a heavier dilemma to the bingo industry. Covid-19 restrictions all but set the guillotine for brick-and-mortar halls, as it prohibits mass gathering and encourages more online activities. This occurrence is practically a free real-estate for online bingo sites. However, a crippling blow for its physical counterpart.

Moreso, the remaining people who faithfully attend physical sessions might also be converted to learning how to play online. The issuance of the vaccines shows a bit of light to change the predicament. However, it might take some time before the physical bingo industry recovers.

Online Bingo Coming To The Rescue

The winds are shifting, so too shall the sails be. Just like any thriving industry, bingo has learned to adapt to the changes in the playing field. Although the slow decline of physical halls is worrying, its industry is finding greener opportunities online.

It is recorded that online bingo sites started way back in the 90s. An online free bingo game named “Bingo Zone” is recorded as the pioneer of its kind. However, the state of technology wasn’t ripe enough to cater to a worldwide market during that time. Today, successful bingo sites capitalize on advanced technology and are a huge contributor to the gambling vault.

The Gambling Commission recorded a 60% growth (XLS source) in online bingo participation between 2019 and 2020 – and this is pre-pandemic. Greater numbers of people will be inclined to play online, given the status quo. With this regard, plenty of online bingo sites are starting to reap the bounties of a booming market.

PlayOJO, LeoVegas, 888, Mecca bingo, and Gala bingo are among the resounding brands leading online bingo. Some of these, like Mecca bingo, have or started from physical halls, which contributed to its remarkable impression scores. By adapting to the technological trends, these brands avoided or minimized the damage caused by the declining physical industry.


Staying relevant is vital for any business, and this is also true for the bingo industry. Gambling will always exist along with society, but the platform for playing may change. This fact is especially evident given the current state of things with more remote and online activities.

Furthermore, this status quo may cause a long-lasting impact on the world, making industries more inclined to online. Thus, now more than ever, bingo halls should adapt to thrive and possibly make a killing online.

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