Hughesville, MD (July 14, 2021)- Earlier this week, the Commissioners of St. Mary’s County voted unanimously to sign a coalition letter with the St. Mary’s County State Delegation, the St. Mary’s NAACP, and the Southern Maryland Association of Realtors® asking the Maryland Congressional Delegation to appeal the current FHA Loan limits for the county.

“Put simply, this is a fairness issue. We constantly see homeowners look to Charles or Calvert County who use the federally backed FHA loan because they can get up to $500,000 more. It’s not fair to the county or our residents to lose out on the American dream because of an outdated formula.” Delegate Matt Morgan, who chairs the county state delegation and is also a practicing Realtor® and SMAR Member. In a 2021-time frame of over 180 days, 581 FHA Loans originated for Charles County compared to 124 in St. Mary’s County.

In the predominantly minority community of Lexington Park, the USDA loan program is unavailable, leaving many without opportunity for any low-down-payment mortgage programs and continues to stifle the minority homeownership rate. The current FHA limit in St. Mary’s County is a direct reflection on stagnant minority homeownership rates and a simple recalculation of this program’s reach may instead bring opportunity for increased generational wealth to the region and to this community.

We are proud to be working together as a collective community voice and firmly believe in providing fair housing to all our communities and increasing FHA loan limits will create a level playing field with our neighboring counties.

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