Making a travel plan during these desperate times can be difficult. But knowing the basics of the various aspects of your upcoming trip can be very useful.

You can choose to find out about the prevailing conditions in New York City before you make your plans. This article can prove to be handy to help you with the choice of transport and the aspects of your stay. 

The Journey

The distance between Maryland and New York is around a hundred and seventy-seven miles. You can cover this distance by opting to avail of the different commuting modes. The two places are well-connected by various transports. Based on the transportation choice, and the routes you opt for, the travel time and the fare can vary.

The recommended option that will take the shortest time is the train. The journey will take around two hours and fifteen minutes. The fare for the journey can be anywhere between eighty to a hundred and thirty dollars.

Many trains start from the Baltimore Penn Station and go to New York Moynihan Train Hall at different time intervals during the day. Amtrak runs quite a few trains on this route, and you can refer to their service details while making a decision. 

However, if you are looking for the cheapest option to travel, you can opt for the bus services. The buses operate between Baltimore, MD – TA 5501 O’Donnell St. Cutoff and New York -152 East Broadway. The services are available four times a day and take around three hours and forty-five minutes. The charges are in the range of twenty-four to thirty-four dollars. 

There are other routes that you can opt for that include a break journey. On such journeys, you may have to avail subways or flights to reach your destination. These modes of transportation are costly as well as time taking. 

Driving from Maryland to New York can also be an option. The time that you will need is around three hours and nineteen minutes. If you choose to stop for gas refueling or food, the time can stretch a little longer.

The Current Conditions

The United States government is currently allowing the travel of its residents within the country. However, the guidelines specify the strict adherence to the protocols. These can safeguard you from contracting the virus. 

A board set of guidelines are available on the national COVID-19 website. In case of any emergency, you can also reach out to the COVID-19 Helpline number 800-232-4636.

The conditions that you may have to follow can include:

  • Compulsory wearing of face masks during your travel via public transports or your visits to the public areas in New York
  • Maintaining the social distancing protocols of two meters 
  • Check the situation with local authorities as crossing domestic borders can be subject to approvals at the time of travel. Or it can include testing for the virus and mandatory quarantine.

The Stay

There are various staying options that you can choose in New York. Taking a call about the resting place during your stay in New York can depend on

  • Your purpose of visit
  • The concerned area of New York where you will work, if it is an official trip 
  • Your duration of stay
  • Your budget
  • The level of comfort and choices that you want to opt for.

For example, if you are on an official trip and have work in downtown Manhattan, Selina Hotel Chelsea New York can be a great choice for you. It can aid to be the perfect resting place with its comfortable and stylish rooms. And if you want to recharge yourself after work, you can get a glimpse of NYC’s eclectic nightlife too. 

Work or Leisure

Considering our above example, if you are choosing to stay in the Chelsea area, it can be the perfect place for both work or a leisure trip. It is centrally located amid the popular cultural hotspots. You can have a lot to explore if you are on a leisure trip or when not working if it is an official trip. 

Be it work or leisure, indulging in a lavish breakfast spread can be very fulfilling during your trip. Start the day on a high note to remain cheerful during the rest of the day.

So, get started with finalizing your mode of transport for your trip from Maryland to New York, based on your preferences. You can choose to be cautious and follow the necessary protocols as per the government guidelines. 

Shortlisting a stay in New York can be difficult, with so many options to choose from. But, scouting for places that are near your concerned area of work, and meets your expectations can help you do it faster. 

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