Do you love high-octane and intense action? If so, then gel balling might be the next big hobby for you to obsess about. This up-and-coming sport is taking over the likes of paintballing and airsoft as well. With a growing community behind it, now is probably the best time to go gel balling.

Paintballing might be a fun hobby, but there are many downsides to it. For one, the equipment can be very expensive. Another downside is that even with all the gear, paintballing is a messy sport. There are many inconveniences behind paintballing, which is why most people are turning to gel balling instead.

In principle, gel balling is similar to paintballing. The main difference being instead of paintballs, you use gel balls. There are many upsides to gel balling, but bottom line – it’s less costly and messy as compared to gel balling. Even if you are a paintballer, you’ll need this short guide to help you get started with its promising cousin.

Prepare Yourself Physically And Mentally

Gel balling is an intense sport. It isn’t too kind to those who aren’t mentally prepared to hit and get hit by human competitors. If you’re a paintballer, then you might be used to the intense feeling you get just before a match begins. If you’re a newcomer entirely, then this is something that you’ll have to get used to.

It is also a sport that’s very physically demanding. There’s a lot of running, ducking, and crawling in gel balling. The equipment including your protective gear is also heavy. It can wear you out if you aren’t physically prepared for the sport.

Before you get into a match, make sure to stretch your body first. This will help prevent any major injuries from happening. It will also ensure that you can be as nimble as possible with your joints and muscles all worked up.

Important Equipment

Of course, the most important equipment you’ll need for gel balling is your gun. In gel balling, these are called gel blasters. If you may have noticed with gel blasters, they’re designed to look like real guns. This helps get you more immersed in the action.

Gel blasters come in many forms – like firearms in real life. There are pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, and SMGs. If you want to see top-tier blasters, consult with GBU and their amazing selection of weapons. Be warned though, gel blasters are dangerous weapons, so keep them out of the hands of children.

Like real guns, gel blasters can be customized with amazing attachments. If your budget is up for it, you can create a cool-looking and highly functional blaster. What’s great about gel blasters is that they don’t use CO2 tanks as a firing mechanism. Instead, it uses a battery-powered motor to shoot the gel pellets.

Aside from the weapons, you need your regular gear as with paintballing. These include protection for your body, limbs, head, and eyes. The difference though is that you don’t have to clean off any paint from the equipment after use. That being said, maintenance is pretty easy in gel balling.

Find A Community

Although the population behind gel balling is on the rise, the community behind it is still relatively small. That doesn’t mean you can’t find people to play with, though. There are many forums and Facebook groups for gel ballers. It would be a good idea to connect with these people if you are a newbie.

They can help you set up your gear for the challenge ahead. Additionally, they can also help you ease into the sport if you are still a newbie. Like paintball and airsoft, are team games, You need people to play with and play against. Don’t be afraid to connect with the pros, as they’ll be more than happy to guide you into their world.

Practice Your Aim

Gel balling is not just about strategic planning, it’s also about having a good aim. Take some time off and practice your aim in your backyard. Shoot smaller and smaller targets. This will help you tag folks a lot easier when the match finally happens.

When practicing, make sure that you are in a safe area. A place where no one will get hit with any stray gel balls.

Gel balling is one of the fastest-rising hobbies out there. Before it completely lifts off, you might want to learn the ropes about this fantastic sport. Learn how to use your gel blasters and make your aim better. It will help you breeze through matches easily.

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