Surfing Is A Fun Yet Challenging Experience So Make Sure You Know All The Safety Elements In Advance

Once you learn how to surf properly, you will have set yourself on a path of enjoying it for a lifetime. This is why understanding the safety elements regarding surfing is a very crucial step. It helps you to be more prepared and prevent any bad surprises before getting into the water. The tips below will help you to be safe when you are in water and ensure that you have a positive experience that is both pleasurable and fun.

Take A Lesson

Before you start any such activity, taking a course on the do’s and don’t will help you to be more confident. If you do not know how to swim properly, then you should probably start there. In fact, you should not even attempt to surf before you learn how to swim properly. There are surfing lessons in Santa Barbara available that can be taken one on one or in a group. This can be a fun activity to do with friends as you will all learn a new sport as well as spend some time together. The instructors can help you to learn in a safe environment so that you can learn the basic skills properly before surfing by yourself.

Make Sure You Are Fit To Surf

One of the most important aspects of staying safe while surfing is to make sure that you are fit enough to be able to do so. As a defense against any drowning incident taking place, knowing how to swim properly will help. You can follow a fitness routine that can help you to enhance your swimming ability. You must be able to swim comfortably at least 500 meters before you start to surf. As you go on bigger surfs, you will need to consistently improve this ability. By being fit, you will also be able to stay in water for a long time and at the same time increase the amount of time you can surf. You should also not eat anything at least one hour before surfing and definitely not be under the influence of any substance.

Protection While Surfing

There are certain safety measures that you can take while surfing that can help you. To be able to protect your neck and hands, do not dive headfirst. When you are on your surfboard and feel that you are going to fall then extend your hand in front of you to protect yourself. The best way to land is on your feet first with your arms protecting your head. Use appropriate SPF or other sun protection creams that can block UV rays from affecting you. The higher the SPF the better it is as it can help to prevent skin problems. Select the correct wet suit that helps you to move comfortably and can help control your body temperature when you are in the water. In case you are in the water for a long time, your wetsuit will help you to stay safe and warm. Use a leash on your surfboard so that if anything were to go wrong you can use it to get back on the surface. It will help to minimize the distance between you and your surfboard when you fall.

Learn About Rip Currents

Rips are strong water currents that move out to the sea. These rip currents are dangerous as they can pull you into the sea. These are pretty abrupt so sometimes they can suddenly appear and intensify within a few seconds. There are different forms of rip currents like side currents, inshore holes, and so on. You must learn how to recognize them. This will help you to avoid being caught in them altogether. In case you do get caught by the rip current, the first thing you need to keep in mind is not to panic. Relax and be calm. Start swimming parallelly to the beach and within seconds you will be able to free yourself from the pull. If you feel that you are unable to break free then try to tread on water and keep in mind that the rip will only take you till the end of the break zone wherein you will be able to free yourself. You can call out for help by waving your arms and tread gently until help comes.

Follow Surfing Etiquettes

As you become a more seasoned surfer, you must make it a point to learn all the surfing etiquette which includes having consideration for other surfers. This way you will enjoy being in the community of surfers and have a wonderful time with them.

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