Losing a loved one is one of life’s most difficult experiences. You can never get used to the feeling of being separated from your loved ones. It’s never easy to lose someone, especially if they pass away suddenly; and if they die after years of poor health, it can be pretty challenging to get over their death and move on with your life. The grieving process is different for every human being, but for most people, it’s difficult to be near their deceased loved one’s memories. However, after the natural grieving period takes its course, people come around and want to keep as many memories and belongings of their loved ones as possible. There are several different ways you can keep your loved ones closer to your heart after their death, some of which are given below.

1. Keep Pictures Nearby

Pictures are the best way to capture your fondest memories with a person. Many people keep small photos of their loved ones in their wallets or hang them up on their walls or fridges. This helps them remember their loved ones as they’re going through their day. Another great way is to get a digital picture frame that shows a cycle of all the best pictures you have with your person. As compared to conventional picture frames, these devices are much more affordable and efficient. Instead of getting many frames, and printing tons of pictures, you can collect and store all your pictures in a single frame. These pictures will remind you of simpler and happier times when your loved ones were around.

2. Keep Family Heirlooms

Family heirlooms are precious belongings passed down through your family from generation to generation. The sad part is, most family heirlooms are usually stored in basements or garages, instead of being put on display. If you’re lucky enough to inherit a family heirloom, you should put it on display. It will not only serve as decoration in your house but will also hold sentimental value for you. An heirloom doesn’t even have to be something really old, it can be anything your parents or grandparents passed down to you. Moreover, if you want to increase its value, you can try upcycling it. This way, you may even be able to use the heirloom in your day-to-day life and keep it even closer to you.

3. Cremate Them

If you want to keep your loved one close to you in your home, creating something from their cremated remains might be a good idea. Sometimes, it might be difficult for you to stay close to the burial site of your loved ones, whether for financial or personal reasons and you obviously won’t be able to move their grave. To keep them close, you can consider cremating your loved ones’ bodies and using the ashes to create something you can keep close to yourself and your family. You can use portable cremation urns which you can easily get from any urns store, or you could get jewelry made out of your loved one’s ashes. Whatever you decide, this option will let you keep your loved one a lot closer to your heart and home.

4. Plant a Tree in their Memory

If you want to put your loved one’s remains to good use after their death, there are many options you can try. Out of these, the best one is to turn your loved one’s ashes into a beautiful tree. You can choose from a huge variety of tree types, whether it’s maple, oak, or redwood. This way, you’ll be able to rest assured knowing that the energy provided to the tree is your loved ones’ blessing. By planting it on your property, you can stay close to your loved one’s presence. Many people feel that sitting under a tree that has a physical connection to their deceased loved one can be very spiritually uplifting.   

5. Build their Legacy

A great way to remember your loved ones and all that they used to stand for is to help build or maintain their legacy. Even though it’s not always financially suitable for everyone to help build millions of dollars worth of foundations, if you have the means to provide even a little, you should go for it. You might want to set aside a small amount from your inheritance to go towards charitable donations towards your loved ones’ inclinations.

Going through the loss of a loved one can be extremely challenging. Although it’s not easy to move on from the loss and shock, life goes on and you have to keep up with it. Even if your loved one is gone, you can still keep their memories close, remember the happy moments and hold on to them for a little longer. Mentioned above are some great ideas on how you can cherish the memories of your deceased loved ones forever.

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