Have you been in a car accident caused due to negligence or a mistake made by someone else? You have a right to gain compensation from that person. Devastating accidents often have an adverse effect on the victim’s physical and mental health. While physical wounds can heal over time, mental scars always leave a mark, and all you can do is move on and not dwell on the past. Compensation can be claimed for both your hospital bills and mental therapy sessions.

However, getting compensated after a car accident isn’t as easy as taking candy from a kid. You can’t just receive cash from the at-fault person on the spot. It is actually illegal to do so. It is mandatory to report the accident and go through the proper procedure to get paid for your trouble. Let us take a look at the right ways to get compensation after a car accident.

Gather the Necessary Evidence

You need to prove that it was indeed the other person’s fault beyond a shred of a doubt. Strong evidence will significantly expedite the claiming process. Unless you are heavily injured, don’t head to the doctor’s just yet. Take in the scene of the accident. Look for possible witnesses around and ask them for written statements.

Capture photos of the damages to your vehicle and the wounds on your body, if any. Scour for CCTV cameras nearby that cover the street. You will be lucky if there is an ATM in the vicinity because they always have one camera pointed at the street. Request for a copy of the footage from the owner.

Approach the Insurance Company in a Friendly Manner

After gathering all the evidence, the next step will be to approach the insurance company for compensation. In cases where someone else is to blame for the car accident, that someone’s insurance company will pay for the damage. No need to bother your insurance guy. However, be sure to approach the insurance company with a friendly demeanor. They may be overwhelmed with many different cases at a time. Don’t add to their mounting anxiety.

Be Stern if You have to

If you feel that the insurance company is deliberately prolonging your case, don’t take it lying down. Their claims adjuster may be purposely delaying the investigation results, or the company evaluators could be intentionally avoiding your claim. Dump your friendly visage and don your battle cape. It is time to hire a car accident attorney to speed up your compensation claim. You can either choose to pay the lawyer out of your own pocket or promise them a percentage of your compensation. Either way, a good attorney who is vastly experienced in handling car accident claims can get the desired amount in your bank account in a very short time. They will be well worth the money spent.

Call the Cops

There is no better evidence than a police investigator’s verdict. Call the cops soon after the accident, and send for an ambulance while you’re at it. The investigator will usually take care of all the necessary evidence as you are comfortably tending to your injuries in the ambulance. The police are also well-experienced in handling cases like these, so they could uncover a new piece of evidence which you may have missed, one that can strengthen your claim.

Avoid Listening to the At-Fault Party

People who are to blame for causing a car accident sometimes try to find an easy way out of the situation, which is often morally ambiguous and unlawful to boot. Avoid listening to their pleas and concerns, for we are human; our hearts are prone to melting upon seeing fellow humans shedding tears of grief. Remember, it is because of them that you have to spend the next few days in a hospital bed, eat jello instead of your favorite steak, and take public transportation till your car gets fixed.

There is a reason why a legal procedure is in place. Take the legal path and you will never have to settle for anything less than you, the car accident victim, deserve. Be thorough in evidence gathering and legally astute while settling for a claim. Portray a genial and compassionate attitude toward the perpetrator, but don’t heed their pleas and possibly crocodile tears.

Maintain a pleasant demeanor throughout the compensation process, but don’t hesitate to take a rigid approach if you think that the insurance company is deliberately delaying your claim. In short, follow the aforementioned tips to receive your rightful car accident compensation in the shortest possible time.

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