The prominence of sports betting is continuously thriving throughout different countries, thanks to the power and reach of modern technology. Distance is no longer a concern in sports tournaments, as digital betting makes things possible. However, sports betting isn’t too much appreciated and practiced in Maryland. This leaves the state lagging when it comes to the development and adaptability of the sports community in coping up with modern concerns, such as the pandemic. Given that, here is a brief piece of information about the legalization of sports betting in Maryland, as well as the requirements needed for it to be done.

Legalization of Sports Betting in Maryland

Earlier this year, lawmakers in Maryland deliberated and talked about the legalization of sports betting within the state. As it was proven that operators are already gaining access to the state, the government passed constitutional laws to help Marylanders bet on their most-awaited sports tournament yet with wagers. This is in connection to the upcoming NFL season in September.

Behind this, the timeline was a bit ambitious. The people must wait for a few months to see the first sportsbooks in Maryland that accept bets. These months are intended for the pondering and establishment of rules that’ll govern the industry to prevent any concern or crime from affecting the community. Still, the lawmakers approved the legalization, yet regulators are still ensuring the goodness and benefits to gain from this new law of the state. In fact, even Governor Lawrence J. Hogan Jr. approved the sports betting law back in May and emphasized that getting it completely done is impossible before the upcoming football season.

Moreover, here are the processes and requirements to approve the sports betting operators:

1.First, the Sports Wagering Application Review Commission must select and provide licenses to operators who passed the criteria. The selection process involves financial and criminal background investigations. Also, for this month, there must be an established public comment section wherein more than 200 pages of agency regulations must be opened and processed for at least 30 days.

Another thing, regulators might wait a long time in creating policies to safeguard money plunking from the Sportsbooks of Maryland confidently.

2.Second, the sports wagering system must be regulated the same way with casino gaming. Both have a related nature of work. So, to qualify the license for the betting operator, it must be done the same way for casino workers. Hence, it means that the process is thorough and meticulous. Also, the agency must see to it that the betting regulator applicants have both financial stability and integrity to be licensed individuals.

Moving on, here are the 17 locations approved and identified by the bill this year for casino and sports betting activities.

  • Maryland State Fairgrounds
  • Pimlico Racetrack and Laurel Park Racetrack
  • Sports Stadiums such as FedEx Field, Oriole Park, and M&T Bank
  • Casinos such as Ocean Downs, Rocky Gap, Hollywood, Horseshoe, Live Casino and Hotel, and MGM National Harbor

Overall, sports betting in Maryland is still in the process of legalization. There is still a lot of time and consideration needed to be filed with the lawmakers of the state to ensure that Maryland bettors can confidently place their bets in any sport they want. Above all these, it is sure that the bill includes the exception of minors and kids to be involved in sports betting. As this is a form of gambling like casino gaming, children aren’t allowed to make any contact, nor make transactions within sports betting websites and platforms in Maryland. Adults are the only allowed players and bettors on this platform.

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