No one wants to get into an accident that leads to injuries or even fatalities. Unfortunately, many traffic accidents are caused by human error. While this cannot be controlled all the time, you can take certain measures to keep yourself safe on the roadways. Many useful hacks will help you stay vigilant when driving so that you can prevent accidents from happening. In this article, we will look at some.

Be Extra Cautious On Wet Roads

Wet roads can make a car skid easily. This is why it’s important to drive carefully when the rain starts pouring, especially after a spell of dry weather, which is quite common during summertime in Sacramento, as oil and other residues on the road surface will be exposed and can cause your vehicle to lose traction with the ground. Therefore the best tip on how to prevent a car accident in Sacramento in these situations is to slow down and drive carefully. Don’t ever assume that all cars are equipped with ABS and four-wheel drive so that they can easily drive on these kinds of road conditions. Always remember that the best response is to be patient and extra cautious when driving through wet surfaces.

Avoid Using Your Smartphone While Driving

It’s tempting to do this especially if you’re waiting for a very important text message or a phone call, but it can wait until after your journey. Texting, checking emails, playing games on your smartphone – they may seem like activities you can engage in without endangering yourself or other motorists around you, but studies have shown that they can cause more accidents due to distractions from talking on the phone or reading texts with only minimal glances at them as opposed to looking straight ahead at the road from time to time. If you need to use your phone, pull over into a safe parking space and park in an area that’s well lit before you do.

Keep Your Distance

If you’re tailgating the car in front of you, chances are it’s because you don’t have enough space between your vehicle and theirs, which can be quite frustrating when traffic is heavy. However, this is not only illegal but also very dangerous because it reduces your overall visibility if they suddenly stop short for any reason or change lanes without warning, which means that you won’t have enough time to react accordingly. This could easily cause a major accident or even worse, fatalities on the road. Also, be sure to check your mirrors now and then so that you’ll know how much distance there is between your car and the one in front of yours.

Never Drive Under The Influence Or When You Are Tired

Driving under the influence, whether it’s because you’re drunk or on drugs, is never a good idea. Many people are tempted to do this especially if they are celebrating the holiday season but the sobering fact is that driving under the influence may lead to life-long regrets if it causes an accident that either endangers the lives of other motorists or pedestrians. The best way to prevent accidents is to keep yourself away from alcohol and drugs before you drive. The same goes for driving when you don’t get enough sleep as it can cause you to doze off behind the wheel and lose control of your vehicle. If you know ahead of time that you’ll have a long journey ahead of you, make sure to take some rest first so that you’ll have enough energy before starting your trip.

Be Careful When Driving At Night

Driving at night can be dangerous because of reduced visibility and distractions such as headlights from oncoming vehicles, street lamps, your car’s lights, and pedestrians. These elements make it difficult for you to drive safely or respond quickly in case of an emergency or hazardous situation on the road. If possible, try to avoid driving at night if you don’t have to. Make sure your vehicle is equipped with new and working headlights. Keep yourself updated with the latest traffic advisories and weather updates so that you’ll know when bad weather is coming and adjust your driving accordingly (e.g., slow down). Be especially vigilant if there’s fog present outside and never assume that the roads are clear even if your side of the road is.

Being a responsible and safe driver can help prevent accidents, keep your car in good shape, reduce the level of stress you feel while driving, and avoid increasing premiums for your insurance coverage. Avoid doing anything that could compromise your safety or the safety of other motorists on the road to prevent any potential risks. By following these tips, you’ll have a more enjoyable and safer journey every time that you go on a road trip.

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