With recent hail storms all over Canada and the world, many people’s property has been damaged and many people are still without power. It is important to know what you should do if a hail storm comes your way. Here are some tips on how to prepare before and after a hail storm.

Securing Your Car

If you have a car that is easily damaged by hail, you should consider getting a car cover before a storm hits. Whether this means going to your local hardware store and buying one or looking online, it may be worth the investment to protect your vehicle from any damage. However, this only applies before a hail storm. If a hail storm does occur, and your car was not protected, you need to repair it. You can consult with the professionals at automotive hail repair PDR CANADA to see what your options are and what needs to be done to repair your car. So, if you have a car that has been dented from hail, it is important to get the hail dents fixed as soon as possible. It can seem like a daunting task, but it needs to be done to get your car back to its old glory.

Preparing The Yard

Whether you have a pool or garden in your backyard, it is important to prepare both of them before a storm comes through. If you already have some damage to your yard from previous storms, it may be hard to restore your yard to its original state without professional help. However, if you do not have any damage on your yard and want to prevent it from happening during this storm, here are some things that you can do:

  • Put a tarp over your pool to protect it from any hailstones. If the hailstones become too big and if possible, drain your pool before the hail storm hits. Covering your pool is also essential as it protects it from further damage during the storm such as branches coming in contact with your pool.
  • Take anything out of your yard that is easily damaged by storms, such as patio furniture or other outdoor items. Although these items may be essentials for any backyard, they may not be worth risking them getting damaged when a hail storm hits. As well, covering plants is important to prevent them from being destroyed when a hail storm hits so make sure to cover up all your plants with a tarp if possible.

Taking Care Of Your House

Clean your gutters before the storm hits so that they are not blocked by fallen leaves or other debris. This helps prevent clogs in your gutter system which results in water overflowing onto your roof and also prevents water from sitting on your roof. Water sitting on top of your roof can cause leaks inside of your house. However, after the storm, it is important to clean out the gutters as soon as possible to prevent any clogging due to leftover debris or damage.

Securing The House Before A Storm

In terms of preparing your house before a hail storm hits, make sure that you clean out all gutters and drain your pool to prevent water damage during a hailstorm. It is also important to put plywood on windows and skylights if possible to prevent damage from hailstones hitting these areas. Furthermore, cover up outdoor items such as ladders and bicycles so they do not get dented or broken due to debris flying around during the storm. Make sure that all of this is done before the storm hits or else it may be too late.

Securing The House After A Storm

As for after the storm has hit, it is important to clear out your gutters during and after a hailstorm so that water does not sit on top of your roof and cause leaks inside of your home. Also, clean up all yard debris including fallen leaves to prevent damage caused by clogged gutter systems. It is advisable to get professional help to restore your yard to its original state if you have any severe damage done to it during the hail storm but otherwise, you can do most of the restoration yourself. A backyard will only look better when all repairs are finished.

If you have a car that has been dented from hail, make sure to get it repaired as soon as possible. It is important to also prepare your yard before a hailstorm hits and take precautions to prevent any damage due to a hailstorm. After the hail storm, it is important to clean up all debris from your yard including fallen leaves and repair any clogged gutter systems. Your house should then be fully restored after the storm which includes fixing gutters that may have been clogged or removing excess water from the top of your roof. It’s better to be prepared before the next hail storm. Good luck!

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