Kansas City, MO — The U.S. Postal Service has issued two high-denomination stamps celebrating the mathematical symmetry of flowers. The $2 and $5 Floral Geometry stamps are designed for packages, large envelopes, and other mailings. The stamps were released today without a ceremony.

Floral Geometry Stamps Come in $2 and $5 Denominations

The natural world is full of patterns and beauty of form that inspire artists. The Floral Geometry stamp art began as an exploration of the patterns found in nature — specifically the symmetry of flowers.

The stamps’ art features a series of overlapping geometric shapes — including circles, ovals, and triangles — that reflect the symmetry of floral patterns found in nature in their simplest forms. For these two stamps, the designs become more complex as the denominations rise. The watercolor backgrounds were painted by hand and then scanned; the white geometric lines and typography were added digitally. The background for the $2 stamp is green, and the $5 stamp’s background is purple. The stamps were printed with a foil treatment that adds an elegant glimmer.

The $2 Floral Geometry stamp will be issued in panes of 10 stamps, and the $5 Floral Geometry stamp will be issued in panes of four.

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