(The Center Square) – The governor’s race for the November 8 general election became clearer following Tuesday’s primary election.

In unofficial results, Republican Dan Cox, paired with Gordana Schifanelli as the candidate for lieutenant governor, earned 132,428 votes (56.23%) to advance. Democratic candidate Wes Moore, paired with lieutenant governor candidate Aruna Miller, punched their ticket to November with 137,118 votes (36.70%).

Joining Cox and Moore on the ballot will be Kyle Sefcik, an independent candidate, and David Lashar, a Libertarian candidate.

Both state Senate and House of Representatives leaders advanced to November’s ballot. For state Senate in District 46, current Senate Pro Tem Bill Ferguson earned 6,732 votes on the Republican ticket, while Democratic candidate Emmanuel Diggman earned 660 votes. Both were running unopposed.

House Speaker Adrienne A for state representative in District 10 on the Republican ticket. Jones earned 7,675 votes (28.21%), and outlasting challenger Jennifer White earned 4,860 votes (17.86%). On the Democratic ticket, Patricia R. Fallon earned 1,499 votes (52.99%), and Jordan Porompyae earned 1,330 votes (47.01%).

In the comptroller’s race, Republican candidate Barry Glassman earned 185,406 votes to advance to the general election in November, while Democrat candidate Brooke Elizabeth Lierman earned 227,552 votes (64.02%) to outlast Timothy J. Adams. They earned 127,901 votes (35.98%).

For attorney general, on the Republican ticket, Michael Anthony Peroutka advanced to the general election with 115,080 votes (58.03%), while challenger Jim Shalleck earned 83,218 votes (41.97%). On the Democratic ticket, Anthony G. Brown will advance to November’s ballot as he amassed 217,748 votes (59.58%) to outlast Katie Curran O’Malley, who earned 147,730 votes (40.42%).

Democratic U.S. Sen. Chris Van Hollen will advance to November’s ballot by earning 285,087 votes on the Democratic ticket, good enough for 77.86% of the vote. Challenger Michelle L. Smith earned just 81,089 votes (22.14%).

On the Republican ticket, Chris Chafee was the top vote-getter with 42,278 votes (21.65%), while Lorie R. Friend earned 28,301 votes (14.49%), and John Thormann earned 26,436 votes (13.54%).

Running for Congress in District 1, Democratic candidate Heather R. Mizeur earned 20,421 votes (68.95%) to R. David Harden’s total of 9,194 (31.05%). On the Republican side, Andy Harris earned 58,467 votes.

In District 2, Republican Nicholee Ambrose led the way with 9,674 votes (32.83%), while Dave Wallace came in with 6,463 votes (21.93%). On the Democratic ticket, incumbent C.A. Dutch Ruppersburger earned 32,172 votes (71.66%), outlasting Marques Dent (5,304 votes, 11.81%) and George Croom (4,620 votes, 10.29%).

In District 3, on the Republican ticket, Yuripzy Morgan earned 9,987 votes (32.33%), and Joe Kelley earned 7,008 votes (22.69%). On the Democratic ticket, incumbent John Sarbanes earned 34,324 votes (81.99%), with Ben R. Beardsley coming in second with 4,463 votes (10.66%).

In District 4, on the Republican ticket, Jeff Warner garnered 1,635 votes (59.98%), with George McDermott coming in with 729 votes (26.74%). On the Democratic side, Glenn F. Ivey was the top vote-getter with 24,804 votes (51.22%), while Donna F. Edwards earned 17,032 votes (35.17%).

In District 5, on the Republican ticket, Chris Palombi earned 20,365 votes 69.71%), while Vanessa Marie Hoffman earned 2,677 votes (9.16%). On the Democratic ticket, Steny Hoyer amassed 38,859 votes (67.6%), while McKayla Wilkes earned 12,311 votes (21.42%).

In District 6, on the Republican ticket, Neil C. Parrott earned 26,694 votes (63.87%), while Matthew Foldi earned 6,191 votes (14.81%). On the Democratic ticket, David J. Trone earned 23,004 votes (78.24%), with Ben Smilowitz coming in with 4,809 votes (16.36%).

In District 7, on the Republican ticket, Scott M. Collier earned 2,363 votes (36.69%), while Lorrie A. Sigley earned 1,675 votes (26.01%). On the Democratic ticket, Kweisi Mfume earned 45,784 votes (84.28%), and Tashi Kimandus Davis earned 4,165 votes (7.67%).

In District 8, Republican Gregory Thomas Coll led the way with 7,628 votes (83.76%) to Micheal Mihirate Yadeta’s total of 1,479 votes (16.24%). On the Democratic ticket, Jamie Raskin earned 52,118 votes (92.73%) to Andalib Odulate’s total of 4,167 (7.27%).

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