La Plata, Md. – Following a recent traffic safety study, the Town of La Plata plans to install a four-way stop at the intersection of St. Mary’s Avenue and Glen Albin Road. Work is expected to begin on Thursday, August 25, 2022, and conclude in approximately one day (weather permitting).

The Town contracted Mead & Hunt, Inc. to review two intersections along St. Mary’s Avenue (at Centennial Street and at Glen Albin Road) to determine if new or modified safety measures are necessary to alleviate concerns raised by citizens in the area. Open-source crash data, speed data collected by the Town, field observations, and professional engineering judgment were used to evaluate the intersections and arrived at the recommendation to install an all-way stop, as well as “stop ahead” signs along both approaches of St. Mary’s Avenue.

“The safety of our residents is our top priority. Thanks to concerned citizens, we were able to analyze traffic conditions and identify a minimally invasive solution that properly addresses current conditions and hazards. Upon installation, we will continue to monitor traffic conditions and make necessary adjustments if needed.” stated Mayor Jeannine James.

The recommendations are based on the sight line obstructions – especially true for the eastbound approach along Glen Albin Road – where motorists pull past the stop line to get a better view of traffic, and all crashes at the intersection are angle crashes, or because motorists were attempting to avoid an angle type of crash. Based on Mead & Hunt’s field observations, and speed and crash analysis, it was determined that it would be impractical to remove the sight obstructions including embankments and trees, and therefore an all-way stop is the most optimal improvement.

For more information and project updates, visit and follow Town of La Plata on Facebook. For questions, residents should contact Colleen Wilson at

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