Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) seeks volunteers to join the school system’s Family Life Advisory Committee for the 2022-2023 school year. The committee will review and make recommendations on instructional materials to be included in the CCPS kindergarten through Grade 12 health education program related to family life and human sexuality education.  

According to state law and Superintendent’s Rule 6411.6, committee members may include parents, guardians, students, legislators, clergy, physicians, community members, and members of civic organizations. The CCPS committee is to include a maximum of 17 members.  

CCPS prefers for applicants to include a parent/guardian or high school student from each of the seven CCPS high school communities. Any parent/guardian interested in applying to serve on the committee must be a Charles County resident with a child enrolled in a CCPS school.  

Applications are due by Friday, Aug. 26, and can be submitted through the form linked below. Application Form.  

The committee will meet bi-annually, with an initial meeting set for this fall followed by any necessary follow-up meetings during the school year. Staff from the CCPS Office of Teaching and Learning will approve the appointment of committee member candidates.  

Additionally, while the committee is tasked with a review and recommendation of instructional materials related to the CCPS health education program, the Office of Teaching and Learning takes final action on the program. Community members with questions should contact Matt Golonka, content specialist for health and physical education for CCPS, at  

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