Dogs are indeed a man’s best friend. And you definitely want the best for your furry friend, especially when they’re in discomfort from anxiety.

A dose of CBD oil might relieve them from anxiety, but finding the ideal product is becoming more challenging than ever. That’s why we’ve curated this list of the best three CBD oils in Canada to help you find the ideal product for your best pal.

So without further ado, let’s dig in.

Top 3 CBD Oils For Dogs In Canada

1. CBDNorth – Overall Best Wild Salmon CBD Oil For Dogs

2. CBD2Heal – Most Recommended CBD Oil Tincture

3. CBD Magic – Popular Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil For Pets

#1. CBDNorth – Overall Best Wild Salmon CBD Oil For Dogs


From health coaches and yoga instructors to working moms and dog parents, Canadians from every corner are showering love on CBDNorth.

It has quickly become a well-known and trusted brand that may help people and dogs with joint pains, insomnia, headaches, and other ailments. And its products might effectively deal with arthritis, a common disorder amongst elderly dogs. So, it’s a no-brainer that this particular product targets dog parents who want to give their dogs a healthy, stress-free, and anxiety-free life.

CBDNorth is a truly local brand that sources organically-grown broad spectrum hemp oil and other effective and pure ingredients. Furthermore, these ingredients are sourced from Canadian farms, giving customers even more confidence in these products.

It’s no surprise that dogs don’t feed on something that doesn’t hit the right spot on their taste buds. To cater to this need and turn the oil into a tasty treat, the CBD oil is formulated with Wild Alaskan salmon, which contains healthy Omega-3 fats. So, it offers the best of both worlds, which your dogs will be happy to taste.

Apart from delivering high-quality products, it has a responsive customer service that answers all your calls and provides viable solutions to your problems. Many reviews are full of praises about the experience with the courteous staff.


  • Might be effective for mental and physical wellness
  • Flavorsome all-natural ingredients
  • Transparent website
  • Informative dosage guide
  • 45% discounts on orders for people in need


  • Doesn’t come with any monthly subscription


A. Ingredients Used

Ever wondered why your dogs enjoy those commercial treats and snacks that are sold at discounts? You can compare these with the junk foods we eat every day.

These are loaded with artificial flavors and taste enhancers, and most of them lack any significant nutritional value. Perhaps the same is true for many CBD oils that contain artificial ingredients, rendering them ineffective.

On the contrary, CBDNorth invests a lot of its time and effort in manufacturing its dog-friendly pet CBD oils from natural ingredients that are both potentially healthy and delicious. The primary ingredient of the oil, Salmon, is a highly fatty fish rich in Omega-3. These healthy fats may be good for the heart and may help maintain a luscious fur coat. And dogs love eating fish as much as cats do. Plus, it’s made to be 100% THC-free.

B. Multiple Use

This CBD oil may deal with chronic issues like arthritis, hip dysplasia, anxiety, and sleeplessness.

Furthermore, dogs are equally emotional as their owners and often suffer from issues like hypersensitivity to crowds or noise and separation anxiety. Or, they may show signs of aggression and stress before every vet visit. However, administering the oil may have calming effects on your four-legged best friend.

C. Lab Tested

Effectiveness aside, pet owners want a product to be safe to use on their pets. And for that, anecdotal references or word-of-mouth is not sufficient. After all, every dog’s body reacts differently to a particular product.

Fortunately, CBDNorth has this product tested at a reputed third-party lab and has the results published on its website, so you’ll find sufficient details regarding the test and ingredients. Apart from that, you’ll find a Certificate of Analysis that establishes that it is a quality product.

The CBD oil is also tested to verify the absence of pesticides, microbes, solvents, and other foreign matter. Plus, the product contains 99.45% hemp, which indicates its purity. These results suggest that CBDNorth is much concerned about promoting the wellness of canines without the use of THC or artificial ingredients.

=> Click here to visit the official website “CBDNorth”

#2. CBD2Heal – Most Recommended CBD Oil Tincture


CBD2Heal offers a wide selection of premium CBD products made of GMO-mature industrial hemp stalks. With over four decades of experience, its team of experts has streamlined the entire manufacturing process to offer quality services to customers and comply with GMP Canada.

The brand offers a vast selection of products, including water-soluble tinctures, full-spectrum CBD oils, vape cartridges, pure CBD oil, and many more. And thanks to their organized website, finding the right product wouldn’t be a challenge.

Talking about this particular product, it’s light yet mouthwatering ‘bacon-y’ flavor and earth aroma will appeal to your dogs.

However, the brand hasn’t compromised quality for taste, as the chemists and experts have fine-tuned it to make the oil pet safe. Don’t believe it? Take a look at the Certificate of Analysis on the website to see the results.

Apart from that, both new and existing customers have provided excellent reviews for the clean packaging, fast delivery, free shipping, and reasonable price of the oil. Customers can also enroll in a subscription plan that comes with significant discounts to help them save on their budget.


  • Consistent dosage
  • Quality flavors make it suitable for pets
  • Transparent and user-friendly website
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Value for money


  • Information regarding flavoring agents isn’t available


A. Crafted By Experts

Crispy, fatty, aromatic, and delicious bacon is one of the most cherished foods by dogs, and CBD2Heal has used it to perfection in this CBD oil for dogs.

Moreover, it’s made of 99% pure and organically sourced hemp and 0.3% THC that’s deemed effective for pets and humans alike. What makes it great is that it contains almost no THC and uses natural ingredients like MCT oil, which may help your dogs’ overall health.

The chemists behind this high-quality CBD oil have combined their experience of working in a well-known research facility in Japan with adequate research.

B. Transparent Website And Variety Of Doses

CBD2Heal has a transparent website where customers have easy access to important documents like dosage guides and third-party test results. So, you won’t have to conduct detailed research before putting your trust in the company.

Aside from that, this product is available in three potencies of 150 mg, 250 mg, and 500 mg. You can also refer to dosage guidelines available on the website to figure out the required dosage of each.

C. Cost-Effective

As this full-spectrum CBD oil is available in different concentrations, you choose one according to the needs of your pet. Moreover, users can enroll in a monthly subscription program where they have access to several discounts and offers.

Not only that, but you can also upload a dosage timeline on their website. All you have to do is specify how many times your dog consumes the oil per day (and the dose) so that the brand can calculate when the next bottle is needed and deliver it to the required address.

=> Click here to visit the official website “CBD2Heal”

#3. CBD Magic – Popular Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil For Pets


This Canadian brand also leaves no stone unturned in producing high-quality CBD products. Apart from that, it provides excellent customer service and ensures you receive your product on time. With more than five decades of experience, it has attained the goal of becoming a reputed household name.

CBD Magic has a transparent and well-organized website where the products are divided based on the product type and customer needs. It means that if you’re looking for something that may deliver a specific health benefit, you can head to the relevant tab and find a suitable product for the purpose.

Plus, the brand has committed to delivering quality and pure products to its customers. And for that reason, its full-spectrum CBD oil contains 0.3% THC. It can effectively combine with other ingredients and may help provide relief from joint pains and mental stress.

Interestingly, the CBD Magic has a flexible refund and return policy. If your dog doesn’t like the taste or it doesn’t deliver the intended health benefits, you can return the product within 30 days of purchase. You will be granted the total refund amount.

Apart from that, the brand offers free shipping anywhere in Canada, and delivery takes nearly three to four days, depending on your location.


  • Organic ingredients
  • Flavorsome CBD oil
  • Free shipping
  • Third-party lab tested


  • Only available in 30ml bottle


A. Organic Ingredients

Going organic and local is a sustainable and healthy exercise, and this full-spectrum oil manufactured in Toronto has been formulated and manufactured accordingly. Also, it has the goodness of all-natural ingredients like hemp seed oil, hemp extract, and MCT oil.

While other ingredients potentially work towards relieving pain, MCT oil contains healthy fats, which serve as a source of energy for your pet. Furthermore, the company maintains transparency regarding the ingredients, which enhances customer trust.

B. Flavored Tincture

Although CBD products have been on the market for quite some time, most humans and dogs aren’t used to their natural smell or flavor.

And while the peppermint CBD oil is already a hit, the bacon-flavored oil for dogs is no less either. The smell and taste are perfect for dogs who’re fussier about eating anything. Your dogs will love the flavor and, in turn, may keep themselves free from anxiety, pain, or sleeplessness.

C. Third-Party Lab Tested

A CBD oil isn’t considered to be effective unless it’s been sent to a third-party lab for a detailed evaluation. But the manufacturers of this oil have followed requisite safety protocols and regulations, the results of which are easily accessible on the website.

Apart from that, the product page has a Certificate of Analysis and a copy of the pesticide testing results.

=> Click here to visit the official website “CBD Magic”

How We Made This CBD Oil For Dogs Canada List

It was a difficult task to find a high-quality CBD oil for pets, especially because we couldn’t communicate with the user directly.

Hence, we had to rely on obtaining the owner’s feedback, interviewing veterinarians, and studying available reports. And these helped us learn about the factors that go into the making of a good CBD product for dogs.

We then prepared a list of all tried-and-tested CBD oils and eliminated the ones that had a history of adversely affecting the dogs. Then, we scrutinized the leftover options based on quality, and we finally had a list of the top three products.

Our quality control and consideration were based on factors deemed necessary by CBD experts, pet caregivers, vets, and nutritionists. These included:

  • Response of pets to a particular oil
  • Ingredients used by the brand
  • Transparency of product details
  • Quality certification and control
  • Use of naturally and locally grown hemp
  • Third-party tested product and availability of test results

Buyer’s Guide: Facts To Be Considered Before Purchasing CBD Oil For Dogs

The pet wellness store is loaded with “so-called” quality products manufactured by all kinds of best CBD oils and their brands. Even a quick search for the best CBD oil for dogs in Canada yields hundreds of results, only a percentage of which can be deemed good quality.

That’s why we are here to help you with the quest by listing certain factors that need to be kept in mind before making a purchase.

1. Ingredients

It’s worth mentioning that the best dog CBD oil must have all-natural and organically grown ingredients. And a brand that has established transparency regarding the ingredients used is worth going for.

Additionally, always ensure that the THC level is on the lower side. We’d recommend considering the oils that contain no or very little THC ( less than 0.3%). Anything more could be harmful to your pets’ health.

2. Variety In Dosage

There’s no one dose that suits all dogs, as it will depend on the requirements of your pet and the CBD concentration in the oil. Hence, it’s essential to consult with a professional about the specific dosage amount your dog needs. Or, you can refer to the dosage guide available online.

But if you’re still not sure about the exact amount, it’s better to start with a small dose. And when you do so, monitor your dogs for any potential side effects and decrease or increase the dosage accordingly.

3. Certificate Of Analysis

The claims made by a company can be considered reliable only if a third party validates them. That’s why most reputed CBD companies send their products for third-party lab testing. And it’s important to go through the results, the ingredients used, and the amount of CBD concentration in detail.

Moreover, if a product has received a Certificate of Analysis, it means it has met all the existing quality standards and is safe to use on dogs. After that, you must validate the authenticity of the reports by ensuring that the results have been obtained from a government-registered lab.

4. Cost

When it comes to Best CBD oil for dogs, you can’t skimp on the price. That being said, make sure to purchase oil from a brand that only manufactures high-quality CBD products, even if they require you to stretch your budget by a bit.

Furthermore, some brands like CBDNorth offer significant discounts on their products from time to time, while others may offer subscription plans. So look for such opportunities to get quality products at comparatively less prices.

FAQs About Hemp Oil For Dogs

Can a dog overdose on broad spectrum CBD oil?

As these oils are derived from organic hemp plant, there might be fewer chances of lethal overdosing. However, administering too much of the organic CBD oil may cause symptoms like coordination issues, drowsiness, hypersensitivity, and even diarrhea.

Is The THC in CBD oil toxic for dogs?

Some brands don’t use THC in their pet CBD oil, and there’s a good reason for that. THC is a psychoactive compound that potentially leads to confusion and paranoia in dogs. However, dogs can tolerate THC up to a certain concentration level, which is equal to or lesser than 0.3%.

Conclusion- Broad & Full Spectrum CBD Oil For Pets In Canada You Should Opt For?

That’s all we had for you today.

CBD oils are in trend now, but it’s been there for many years due to their potential to keep chronic pains and anxiety at bay. The only difference is it’s now formulated to suit dogs and pet care.

But before we wrap up, we would like to mention our top pick, which is CBD North’s CBD oil. Its effective formulation, all-natural ingredients, and zero THC formula make it a quality product for your furry friend. And its distinct flavor makes it all the more appealing for dogs.

On that note, we’d sign off. Check out this space for more such reads. See you soon, goodbye!

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