Welcome to our “Monthly Mini Feature”, highlighting local artisans and crafters who have been busy imagining, creating, dreaming, and doing!

Our Maker of the Month for October 2022 is Cindie Macomber of She Shed!

Cindie is quite a crafty person with a deep passion for design, originality, creativity, and hard work. Her latest craft excursion has been the creation of decorative pumpkins through the repurposing of sweaters.

Every handmade pumpkin is a one-of-a-kind piece carefully constructed by our featured artist’s visionary talents and artistic flare. They are adorned with seasonal items, beautiful beads, crocheted flowers, gnome friends, and other media.

The majority of Cindie’s life has been spent as a homemaker raising her own children and now helping with her grandchildren. Her “pumpkin habit” started due to the pandemic since most of the social aspects of life had gone dormant, and she found that she had extra time to pursue her creative passions.

As life returns to a new normal, Cindie is excited to share her pumpkin obsession with everyone who wants to spruce up a room or remember a friend or loved one. Custom orders are accepted, including designing and personalizing sweater pumpkins as a remembrance for lost loved ones. A favorite sweater of the loved one can be used, as well as mementos and tokens incorporated.

Cindie’s treasures are created with love and a desire to make others happy through her work. Our artist may be contacted per the links below. The release of this feature may possibly sell items in the photos; however, more are always in the works!

Thank you, Cindie, for being a valued part of our artistic community; we love the pumpkin sweaters and the originality invested in every one!

Learn more about Cindie Macomber and her artwork at the links below:

Facebook: SHESHED1 by Cindie Macomber (@Sweaterpumpkins)

Instagram: @sheshedcrafts1

Contact Cindie by email at: sheshedcrafts1@yahoo.com

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