On Tuesday, Oct. 4, Deputy County Administrator Deborah Hall, Department of Planning and Growth Management Director Deborah Carpenter, Economic Development Department Director Kelly Robertson-Slagle, Department of Public Works Deputy Director Bernard Cochran, and Department of Public Works Chief of Environmental Services Frances Sherman provided a presentation on Goal 3: Environment of the County Commissioners Goals and Objectives.

Highlights included conservation programs, climate change best management practices, solar energy expansion, rainwater collection, commercial recycling expansion, impervious surface reduction, wastewater treatment, clean water supply, water conservation, and stormwater management.

Open Session Briefings

  • Director of Human Resources Alexis Blackwell, Chief Equity Officer Renesha Miles, and DEI/HR Coordinator Elaine Pollard provided a quarterly update on County Government’s work on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.
  • Deputy Director Jason Groth updated the Maryland Department of the Environment Groundwater Permits and La Plata Water Agreement.
  • Lennar Vice President of Operations Matthew Wineman and Barnas Engineering President Rick Barnas provided an annual update on Docket 90.
  • Chief of Capital Services John Stevens, Senior Project Manager Brian Kagarise, and Department of Planning and Growth Management Deputy Director Jason Groth provided an update on Western Parkway Roadway Improvements. Phase 2, 3A-1, and 3A-2 are complete, and Phase 3A-3 and 3B are in the design phase. These phases extend Western Parkway to include a four-lane divided roadway with a hiker/biker trail and sidewalk. The estimated completion of Western Parkway Phase 3A and 3B is October 2024.

Approval Items

Work Session

County Commissioners held a work session with Department of Planning and Growth Management staff on draft Bill 2022-06 Adequate Public Facilities 2022 Manual Update to Traffic Section.

Wednesday, Oct. 5

Public Hearing

County Commissioners held a public hearing on the Resolution 2022-18 Authorization of Charles County 2022 Bond Issuance. County Commissioners approved the resolution. This hearing was not broadcast live but is available for viewing here.


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Next Commissioners Session: Oct. 18 and 19, 2022

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