Are you curious about where your love life is headed or what your career goals should be? An online free psychic reading site will help you figure out these problems in no time. Psychic readings are an excellent way to access knowledge about your future so you can make informed decisions and clear up your confusion.

The suspicious nature of psychic reading services has been a major cause of the stigma surrounding it, but customers who have used these services have good things to say about them. These consultations can help you in different ways and help create a sense of safety in your decision-making skills.

The sites mentioned below offer both free psychic readings and more intense readings for reasonable costs. You can avail of these services with great ease and find yourself subject to a wondrous number of psychic readings.

Best Free Psychic Reading Sites: An Overview

  1. Purple Garden – Overall Best Free Psychic Readings Online; Top Pick
  2. Kasamba – Popular Psychics for Accurate Tarot Readings
  3. Mysticsense – Best Online Psychic Readings Over a Phone Call
  4. Keen – Trusted Tarot Readers for Love & Relationship Advice
  5. PsychicOz – Authentic Tarot Readings by Phone, Email, or Chat

#1. Purple Garden – Overall Best Free Psychic Readings Online; Top Pick

Purple Garden has been a success in the industry for quite a few years. It has a wide range of skilled psychics that have managed to help thousands of customers over time. The psychics on this platform offer interesting experiences to all of their customers and inevitably help them unravel the important parts of their lives.

It is a good feeling to have someone understand your emotions and thoughts without you having to explain them, and the psychics at Purple Garden make sure to do just that. Their intricate methods excelling in tarot, astrology, and numerous other readings help you compartmentalize your problems and guide you through them.


  • Psychic readings at Purple Garden are not an alternative to therapy, but the knowledge gained from these sessions can be therapeutic in nature.
  • Purple Garden provides you access to this knowledge through various modes of communication, including video, chat, and emails.
  • This brand offers free sessions for newcomers, but generally, the readings on this site are the cheapest in comparison to other brands.
  • At a remarkable range of $0.99 to $14.99 per minute, Purple Garden has won over many hearts by providing psychics who can see right through you.
  • Moreover, this brand has an app that works efficiently on Android and iOS devices.


  • Readings available via chat, video, and phone
  • Variety of psychic readings, tools, and styles
  • Trustworthy and reliable psychics


  • Issues have been reported regarding glitches in apps
  • Differences in price according to the method of communication

Customer Reviews

Customers have been nothing short of pleased with the services provided by Purple Garden’s excellent psychics. Although the stigma revolves around the authenticity of psychic readings, it is undeniable that some people have a natural talent for intuitive responses, and the psychics on this platform use their abilities for the greater good.

The only complaints that people have expressed towards this platform are the varied prices over different modes of communication. So, a video call will cost customers more than a simple chat feature. This practice has been condemned by customers who claim to access the same features for lower prices on other websites.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Purple Garden”

#2. Kasamba – Popular Psychics for Accurate Tarot Readings

Due to its vast range of amenities and excellent customer service, Kasamba is our runner-up pick for online psychic consultations. Whether you need a psychic reading or dream analysis, Kasamba is there to serve you with the best psychics, many of whom offer free services. Kasamba’s facilities extend into various kinds of readings like horoscopes, tarot, dream analysis, and fortune telling.

Experienced with 20 years of providing the best psychic services over chat, email, and phone, Kasamba has established itself as a strong competitor in the market of online psychic reading. This brand’s sincerity and genuineness have only strengthened its reputation and helped it build a diverse and satisfied customer base.


  • Kasamba offers a comprehensive collection of reliable psychic solutions and offers a diverse range of psychics generally available for an affordable cost.
  • The company offers free three-minute readings with a psychic for beginners, which is why it is a much-preferred brand in the market. In fact, Kasamba’s most crowd-pleasing feature is the free three-minute trial session with a psychic.
  • The psychic readings on Kasamba have a wide array of options like aura readings, crystal readings, and rune castings, all available in a low-price range, reaching a maximum of approximately $1.99 per minute. While the company has free and low-cost readings, some extremely professional and experienced psychics may demand a higher fee.
  • First-time users are given a 15% discount, which draws in many users or seekers looking to solve the problems in their lives.


  • Considerable experience of more than 20 years
  • Readings via phone, chat, and email
  • Free three-minute trial session
  • Generally low price range starting from $1.99/minute


  • Prices of experienced psychics can exceed $20/per minute
  • No satisfaction guarantees

Customer Reviews

Users have given positive feedback about Kasamba and expressed great satisfaction with its services. Most users have found comfort in the chatting option, allowing them to connect with authentic psychics. Many users advocated that their psychics were able to place their problems in the first free three-minute trial session.

In rare cases of unsatisfactory sessions, users have been offered financial compensation of up to $50. This makes sure users who did not receive a satisfactory reading are not at a loss. Kasamba has always delighted its customers with its quality services that come free and at reasonable prices. The brand has always managed to keep its customers content through its services and continues to do so after two decades.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Kasamba”

#3. Mysticsense – Best Online Psychic Readings Over a Phone Call

Mysticsense is a young psychic reading site that has been steadily gaining influence and popularity among people of all ages. Its easy-to-access website provides people with a remarkable range of online psychics who can guide them through various spheres of their lives.

The company has managed to help thousands of users online for free and at reasonable prices. Mysticsense may be relatively new, but the psychics on its platform are often experienced individuals looking to help people as much as they can with their knowledge and abilities. There is not a lot of dissimilarity in features across many of the psychic platforms on our list, but certain policies make Mysticsense stand out from others.


  • Many of the services and prices offered by this brand are similar to its predecessor brands on our list. It provides a way for you to connect to psychics easily through video, chat, or even SMS.
  • It is up to you entirely which mode of communication you choose.
  • There is a great range of specialized psychics excelling at many different types of readings, such as horoscope, love, and tarot.
  • Mysticsense offers a lengthier period of free readings (five minutes) to all customers and has reasonably priced paid offers as well.
  • Along with this, perhaps the best feature of Mysticsense is its refund policy for unsatisfactory sessions.
  • The brand also has much information relevant to different psychic abilities and readings available on its platform for you to skim through and judge.
  • You will not find yourself aimless with this site, and you can easily find a psychic to help you sort out your worries in no time.


  • 24/7 availability of psychics
  • Readings via video, phone, text, and chat
  • First five minutes free
  • Refunds allowed
  • Educational information available


  • Mysticsense has fewer years of experience compared to other brands

Customer Reviews

Mysticsense has been a great source of comfort for many of its users, with its varied readings and talented psychics. The psychics on this platform are all incredibly efficient in their deductions about people’s lives, and they have recurring hoards of excellent reviews.

The best part of the system Mysticsense has put into place is the refund policy. This brand does not just help you overcome your curiosity about online psychic readings. If you leave unsatisfied, it ensures you receive a good refund. However, it is rare to see such a refund since most users leave the site feeling much better than before.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Mysticsense”

#4. Keen – Trusted Tarot Readers for Love & Relationship Advice

Our fourth pick for the best free online psychic reading platform is Keen, with an experience of over two decades. It is one of the most reliable psychic sources in the market and has been used by people looking for trustworthy psychic mediums across many regions.

Keen is highly reputed for its astrological and love readings, and its specialty lies with the psychics who have mastered rare kinds of Chinese, Mayan, and Vedic astrology.

Keen has built itself a reputation as one of the most esteemed sites which offer the best variety and ranges of psychics to help guide you through life. It is most suited for people who are looking for answers to their questions and solutions to their problems through psychic readings.


  • Keen offers its clients a vast variety of services over different modes of communication.
  • It has a user-friendly website that can be easily accessed to find information about horoscopes and psychic readings.
  • Many articles and guides are clearly listed to help you find clear, comprehensive information about life’s queries and how to tackle them.
  • Keen has some of the most experienced psychics who can be accessed over call, phone, and email due to its presence in the market for over two decades.
  • Keen’s psychics are there to help you out through any phase of your life, be it your love life, horoscope, or other life predictions.
  • The best part is that new users are offered a three-minute free session with any psychic of their choice.
  • Aside from the free session, Keen has a rather affordable price range from $1.99 to $9.99. Its user-friendly website gives you the feature to filter appropriate psychics for your issues according to your selected price range.


  • Free three-minute session for new users
  • Readings via phone, email, and chat
  • Affordable price range from $1.99 to $9.99
  • Experience of over 20 years


  • Free three minutes are restricted to your first psychic choice

Customer Reviews

Skimming through ratings and reviews on any psychic website is an authentic way to check their reliability. Many customers find Keen a comfortable and reliable source for solutions when they are dealing with various concerns.

The psychics available on the Keen website are almost always successful at creating a strong connection with their clients, which helps them understand and judge your situation better than anyone else.

As a result, they are able to help you succeed in your personal or love life, and they can even help you through your career obstacles. Keen’s psychics are always present to serve their customer’s needs and guide them through their worries.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Keen”

#5. PsychicOz – Authentic Tarot Readings by Phone, Email, or Chat

PsychicOz is a world of its own with the diverse range of psychics it provides and the extensive amount of focus it spends on maintaining an authentic and reliable brand image. The company is one of the few free psychic reading sites that focus on your benefit over their own monetary gain.

The psychics on this platform are picked after severe, deliberate assessment, and the company claims to only choose three out of a hundred applicants. The rarity of psychic gifts makes judging an applicant’s validity difficult, but PsychicOz makes sure to do that with the utmost care.


  • PsychicOz has many readings and psychic tools available on its platform, including but not limited to various clairs, dream analyzers, empaths, tarot readers, and mediums.
  • All of the readings available on the site are highly in demand, and PsychicOz has more than a few psychics available for all types of readings.
  • Like many other brands, PsychicOz offers the first three minutes of psychic contact absolutely free of cost, after which you will have to pay to continue.
  • You will find staff picks, customer favorites, and other useful psychics listed conveniently on the homepage of the PsychicOz website.


  • Various types of readings available
  • Information on psychic tools and readings is readily available
  • Free first three minutes
  • Low or reasonable costs for extensive readings


  • New and young brand — not enough experience

Customer Reviews

While you can access verified user reviews directly on the PsychicOz website, many external reviews of the brand are also available. The average rating by the customers does not fall below four or five stars, and the honest verdict is that of appreciation and gratitude. Like the other brands on this list, PsychicOz has become a source of easy solutions and comfort for many people across the nation.

=> Click here to visit the official website “PsychicOz”

What to Consider When Choosing a Free Psychic Reading Site

While brand reviews are a great help in deciding which company is best suited to your psychic needs, there are several external factors you need to consider. You should research these factors before you decide to consult a psychic to make the process smoother.

Type of Reading

There are several different forms of best free psychic readings, such as astrology, tarot card readings, telepathy, etc. We have elaborated on different types in the FAQ section, so you can refer to them to help you decide which you like best.

The reason why this type of reading is important is to save yourself time. When you contact a psychic or open a psychic website, you will be shown the wide range of services offered. This variety can often lead to confusion and delays in contacting your psychic.

When you know the type of reading you want, you can skim through the list of psychics who are specialized in those readings. It can cut down your range and help you make a quicker decision. Moreover, being informed about psychic readings can help you spot any errors or issues the psychic makes and judge the authenticity of their service.

Psychic’s Talent

There is no doubt that some people are more suited to certain types of psychic readings than others. There are many psychics on the platforms mentioned above who excel as tarot readers, while others are solely focused on being mediums and connections with the deceased. It is a matter of preference and experience that makes these psychics better than others.

As a result, a psychic’s talent is important to consider before you decide which brand to choose. If the site you choose does not offer good or relevant psychics to the type of reading you want, you may inevitably have to switch to a different brand.

The legitimacy of your reading will also depend on the strength of your psychic’s talents and abilities. If you consult a reversed tarot card reader for a lesson in numerology, they may not be able to provide you with accurate predictions. For the most accurate and honest predictions, you should try to choose psychics who excel in specific readings.


The number of years a psychic has been providing readings can seriously affect your comfort levels and reading accuracy. Obviously, someone with years of experience would be more intent to provide you with a reading that is genuine and more thorough than a new psychic.

Experienced psychics have years of knowledge on how to treat and interact with seekers who are confused, afraid, or even distressed. Comparatively, newer psychics may be more affected or unsuitable for such difficult situations. However, the end result is meant to make you feel secure, which you can find with both new and experienced psychics, as their honesty is dependent on their talent.

One important thing to note is that experienced psychics charge a higher fee than newer psychics, so you may only be able to access their services if you have the budget for it.


Psychic services are offered free of charge and at certain costs depending on the reading type. For horoscopes and astrology-based reading, you may find generalized versions on many different psychic websites for free. Some psychics even offer tarot reading online for no cost, but the catch is that these readings are often focused on many people instead of you specifically.

A proper psychic reading, which usually costs a minimal fee, can be a blessing in disguise for many people. These readings are suited specifically to your problems, and the psychic is more focused on you as an individual than the generalizability of your behavior. This direct interaction and help are what offer many people a way to figure themselves out better.

The costs of these readings are higher for more experienced, specialized, and efficient psychics as compared to new ones who have not been providing these services for a long time.

Method of Communication

When you access psychic readings online, you can contact your psychic through different means. Most psychic websites offer services through phone, chat, video calls, and even emails. The method of communication you choose will obviously depend on your comfort levels, and luckily, you will have the full liberty to choose whichever mode you want.

However, you need to assess this comfort zone beforehand because if you choose a medium of communication that you are not open or honest with, you may have trouble understanding what the psychic is saying to you. Moreover, certain psychic sites demand a higher or extra fee for different modes of communication, so you will have to consider your budget as well.

Online vs. Offline Psychics: Are Online Psychics Better?

Online psychics have not been around for as long as offline psychics have, but this profession’s advancement has pros and cons. Where online psychics are a preference for many people nowadays, the older generation may find themselves drawn to offline psychics over the digital versions.

Offline psychics do, in fact, have a variety of benefits, the first one being that they allow you to communicate with your psychic face to face. In this case, you are able to know what the psychic is doing at all times and how authentic the reading is. Moreover, you can attain a comfort level with your psychic and have them know you more personally and directly.

However, offline psychics can be more expensive than online ones since they require rooms for rent and other expenses. These psychics can only be contacted at particular appointed timings, so you will have to work around their schedule. Additionally, you will have to commute to the location of interest, which can be time-consuming and draining amidst other problems.

It may be difficult for people to switch back to offline modes of communication after the ease of online psychic coverage during the pandemic. Nevertheless, some people prefer the solid presence of their psychics in front of them so they may lean towards offline psychics.

On the other hand, online psychics have a multitude of benefits and a few disadvantages. After all, what can be better than someone managing to understand you spiritually without you ever having to leave the comfort of your own home? The safety blanket of your comfort zone can be a relief for many people when consulting online psychics.

These psychics are cheaper (sometimes even free), more readily available, and equally as talented as offline psychics. The only issue you can have with these psychics is if you have trouble with digital forums and modes of communication, in which case you would be better off consulting an offline psychic.

The benefits of online psychics are endless, depending on your needs, but the decision is yours at the end of the day. The main goal is to have a deeper understanding of yourself, which can only be done if you are comfortable in your surroundings. As a result, you should only choose the method you find most reassuring.

FAQs: Free Psychic Reading

Q1. What is a psychic’s job description?

Psychics are professionals who have the capability to process, observe, and provide information that exists outside of most people’s natural insights. They make use of astrology, telepathy, and tarot card readings to examine your life and make predictions about it.

Through their intuitive knowledge, psychics can guide people in regard to their future and help them feel less anxious about their relationships, career, and other life situations.

Q2. What are the most common psychic reading abilities?

People of various cultures and religions have psychic practices, which has led to the formation of a vast array of psychic readings around the globe. Some common types of psychic reading abilities include:

The Clairs

There are, in total, six different varieties of ‘clairs.’ Some psychics may be able to use a few or all of these abilities, as explained below:

  • Clairvoyance is about seeing symbols and visions.
  • Clairaudients claim to hear voices that guide them through life.
  • Clairsentients can feel other people’s emotions.
  • Clairalients can smell scents that are not there.
  • Clairgustans can taste food that is not in front of them.
  • Claircognizance refers to knowing something without having access to information. It can also be the ability to gain information about an object, person, location, or physical event through extrasensory perception.


Telepathy is a connection from one person to another through one or more senses. A telepathic psychic has first-hand knowledge of what you are thinking and feeling and can use that information to find solutions to your queries.

Intuitive Psychics

Intuitive psychics master the skill of judging and predicting your future using their intuition. They are very useful at grasping your work and love-life situations, as well as guiding you through decision-making regarding these topics through phone psychics.


Empaths guide you through different phases of life based on the emotions you are feeling. When faced with a problem that affects you or others, an empath can clearly sense your emotions and others’ feelings which can clear up misunderstandings. They can help you resolve your worries regarding any situation in your life.


Psychic mediums have the ability to represent the energies, emotions, messages, or spirits of the deceased around them. However, mediums are not bound to allow the deceased spirit to speak through them, which is why the extent of assistance they provide depends on their preferences.


Astrology is one of the most popular methods of prediction, and it governs the placement of planets over various periods and uses the best online psychics to foresee the future or information regarding current happenings. Astrologists are well-informed individuals who can help you with many elaborate questions.


Numerology psychics use specific numbers relevant to your life, like your birth date, to figure out more about you. Through these established numbers, you can be easily steered through your life’s obstacles or even watch out for upcoming unfortunate events.


Cartomancy uses a deck of cards like tarot, angel, or some other kind of oracle set to predict your current and upcoming life events. They may also help you battle situations you fear facing in your life, which is why many uncertainties about your life can be cleared up using cartomancy.

Q3. How can I contact a psychic?

Psychics can be contacted using any one of the online psychic reading websites stated above in our list. You can prioritize your preferred mode of communication when choosing a suitable website. Most psychic services are available through video calls, phone, chat, and email. However, some may have limitations about their modes of communication, depending on the website or the psychic.

Q4. Are psychic readings trustworthy?

Given the satisfactory reactions of customers, it can be said that most psychic readings are genuine. Psychics are there to provide clients with sincerity and help them seek clarity in life. However, some are there to scam their customers to simply make a profit. Such psychics are not skilled enough and cannot be successful in the market of psychic reading for long.

It is highly recommended that before choosing your psychic and services, you should go through their ratings and reviews in order to avoid being scammed.

Q5. Are psychic reading websites free?

Psychic reading websites offer a wide range of free psychics, mostly for the first few sessions or minutes when new customers stream in. The entire procedure is free in this case, including the use of any mode of communication. While some types of psychic readings, such as horoscopes, may be free for all, you will have to pay to communicate directly with an authentic psychic.

Q6. Are paid psychic readings better than free ones?

The type of psychic reading is highly important when you consider the concept of payment. For certain standard readings, such as horoscopes or love readings, you can find various free articles related to your star sign or love languages. In many cases, you can even find valuable tarot readings online, although they are generalized and not entirely as accurate as a direct reading.

However, the paid versions are usually more informed when it comes to deeper and more intense psychic readings. Well-respected psychics often charge a high fee because of their authenticity, and they provide readings suited to your life only. The circumstances and solutions, in this case, cannot be generalized and therefore help you in your journey more than anything else.

Q7. What is the best free psychic reading website?

An online psychic reading can be confusing, considering its competitive market and the vast variety of psychics available on all platforms. Therefore, choosing the most suitable psychic for your needs can be rather complicated at first.

Some key features have allowed us to divide a few of these sites into specific categories, such as:

  • Best Overall Psychic Reading Site – Purple Garden
  • Most Experienced Psychic Reading Site – Kasamba
  • Best for Love Readings and Horoscopes – Keen

Conclusion: Get Accurate Psychic Consultation with the Best Free Psychic Reading Sites

A free psychic reading can be an exciting and informative way to learn more about your life. We often find ourselves confused about what steps to take in life, and these readings can prove beneficial in such circumstances. If you are facing such problems to which you cannot figure out the answer, then a psychic consultation may revive your faith.

A lot of customers have expressed immense satisfaction when it comes to these readings. You may find your worries lifted off your shoulders in no time if you can manage to find a good psychic to consult on these free psychic reading sites.

We hope you can find a brilliant psychic that offers online psychic services you desire in a way that makes you comfortable with your past, present, and future. Good luck!

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