Tremaine ‘Teddy P’ Fuller and Devante ‘Quiet Storm’ Alexander will take the headgear off and step into the professional boxing ranks at the start of 2023. They feel it’s time to do the next right move for their career.

Both Golden Gloves winners have aspired the Will to Win and conquered the Smoke to enter into what head coach Daryl Hinmon calls ‘new territory.

Fuller, Alexander, Smith

“We’re super excited,” Hinmon said. “They will be our first professional fighters. They’ll turn pro at the beginning of 2023. It’s new territory for us, but we’re looking forward to tackling it.”

Fuller said he’s not in the position to call the shots; he’ll fight anyone he’s matched with.

“As a new fighter, I’ll go up against anyone who comes across the table,” Fuller stated.

Fuller (165lbs. 25 Amateur fights) did take a loss at Southern Maryland Smoke 3 on October 15 at the Willows Rec Center against Christian Hamilton (Champions Boxing).

“I fought the exact way that I thought I should have,” Fuller said, “Unfortunately, the judges didn’t see it my way. They were probably the only four people in the building that saw it the way they did.

“I don’t worry about what the judges do; I try to go in there and execute. I feel like I fought very well. I felt super in shape. I’ve been doing a lot of running. I knew my opponent was going to be tough and that he was going to be coming forward because we had fought before. He threw a lot of body shots which was to be expected. I countered a lot, though.”

Fuller has continued to fight each weekend and will until the final move to turn professional.

“I plan to finish this amateur year strong and start a professional career early next year. That’s the plan.” Fuller said.

Hinmon said they tell their team not to focus on the result of a fight.

“The most valuable thing is the experience they gain from it,” Hinmon said. “We tell them not to concentrate on whether or not they won a round but on what’s going on at that moment.”

Marlin ‘The Hitman’ Smith captured a win at Smoke 3 with the support of his family behind him. Smith (125lbs. 20 Amateur fights) defeated DeAngelo McDonald of Diamonds in the Ruff.

“I think my fight went very well against a stiff opponent,” Smith said. “It was a tough matchup. I fought through to get the victory. I had only seen a video of him, but I wasn’t surprised.

“It wasn’t anything I didn’t expect. I started hitting him up when he got a little tired in the second round. I just went off of instinct and fought 110 percent.”

Smith said his family and girlfriend Lashae’s family are always big supporters.

“My family thought I fought very well. They always come out and support me; I appreciate them,” Smith said. “My twin and my parents and sister Erika Smith always support me. I’m blessed to have so many people around me that enjoy boxing and give me pointers. Lashae’s father used to box a little bit, so he used to give me pointers.”

Smith said his goal is to get more amateur fights under his belt, and he plans to compete in the Golden Gloves, which will take place in February at Rosecroft Raceway in Fort Washington.

 “I’m very excited for him [Fuller], too; I see his work,” Smith said of Fuller’s upcoming new career.

Erniece ‘Scrap’ Dawson (119lbs.) earned a respectable win in a rematch over Teaira Skinner of Upton Boxing.

Yasir Ruffin (119lbs.) defeated Nathan Lopez of Big Things Boxing in his first rumble in the ring.

 “Yasir did a fantastic job,” Hinmon said. “He had a developmental bout back in August, and this was his first official amateur bout, and he did a nice job in the ring. We have a crop of new guys coming in to keep things happening, keeping this farm league going.”

Hinmon and Knowledge Boxing Center will host another class in November for those interested in becoming a USA Amateur boxing judge. Please contact Knowledge Boxing Center for more information.

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