Kirill Tsarev is the Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of Sber and the Head of the Retail Business Unit there. For more than twelve years, he ran a private leasing company and then made a brilliant career in the largest bank in Russia. Colleagues describe Kirill Tsarev as a reliable and responsible manager who knows how to find right solutions even in the most difficult situations.


Kirill Tsarev was born on 25 September 1978 in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg). After graduating from high school, he entered Saint-Petersburg State Marine Technical University. Tsarev studied at the Faculty of Engineering and Economics and simultaneously worked as a representative of the Finnish property developer Baltic-Unit Oy. In 1999, a year before his graduation, he joined Interleasing, which had just started operations in those days.

Soon, Kirill Tsarev became the director of Interleasing. The young manager was in charge of registering the company with the IFTS and funds and recruiting staff. The organization became one of the first players in the Russian leasing services market. Therefore, a lot had to be started from scratch. At the same time, Tsarev continued studying at university and graduated with an economics degree in 2000.

The top manager’s career was developing successfully — he continued running Interleasing and explored new areas: he opened companies for selling trucks and leasing motor vehicles. Tsarev realized that leasing was a relatively new sphere of activity for Russia, and there were some gaps at the legislative level, which could hinder the development of the start-up. The young businessman could not change the situation, but what he could do was to fill gaps in his knowledge of the law. Three years later, after graduating from university, Kirill Tsarev received a second law degree in SPbGMTU. Afterward, he received further education at London Business School. He worked in Interleasing until 2011 and earned a reputation of one of the leading industry experts in Russia.

Kirill Tsarev has also received two state awards for his work:

  • In 2020, he was awarded the Russian Federation Presidential Certificate of Honour.
  • In 2021, he was awarded the Medal of the Order “For Merit to the Fatherland”, 2nd Class.

Career of Kirill Tsarev

Kirill Tsarev has worked at Sberbank since 2012. For three years, the top manager served as Deputy head of Sberbank Leasing, and in 2015 he became the head of the unit. Tsarev successfully reorganized the company and introduced several new products for clients. Sberbank Leasing was involved in major investment projects, where it financed clients’ transport infrastructure.

Tsarev’s significant area of work was a small business. Entrepreneurs showed great interest in cars and light-duty trucks, construction companies were interested in special equipment, and the bank allowed them to lease vehicles on good terms. Kirill Tsarev calls the sales model of Sberbank Leasing JSC unique.

“Customers can draw up an agreement right at the car showroom, but most deals are made at bank branches, where employees help entrepreneurs choose a suitable program, advise on all issues and draw up a package of documents immediately.”

– Kirill Tsarev

In 2018, Kirill Tsarev was promoted to the position of Vice President in the Corporate and Investment Business Unit of Sberbank — one of the largest market makers on the country’s stock market. The unit is responsible for implementing new services for corporate clients. Tsarev is responsible for improving the automatic lending system and making the bank’s digital platform client-friendly.

Kirill Tsarev today

A new stage in Kirill Tsarev’s career began in 2020 when the top manager accepted an offer to lead the Retail Business unit and then assumed the position of Deputy Chairman of Sberbank’s Management Board. In 2021, the executive’s area of responsibility included the B2C ecosystem and the Wealth Management block.

“One of the main results of Sber in recent years has been the rapid development of the ecosystem. At this point, we have set ourselves a new challenge  to do everything we can to meet the needs and desires of our clients”.

– Kirill Tsarev on his new appointment.

The task was not easy due to the national currency’s instability and general negative economic development trends. However, Kirill Tsarev and his team managed to avoid a default crisis, which affected many banks in the wake of currency fluctuations. Risks were also diversified for investors who cooperated with Sberbank in terms of investing in securities.

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