We sometimes need extra cash to get through a tough financial situation. While the doors of all financial institutions are opened to people with no credit issues, individuals with poor credit scores may experience difficulties. And that’s when no credit check loans for bad credit may be their only option.

There are now many urgent solutions for bad credit borrowers with guaranteed approval and instant funding. However, choosing the right personal loan that will work for you may be challenging due to the abundance of choices. If you’re searching for emergency cash from a direct lender, here are the trusted companies with the best no-credit check loans for poor credit.

Best No Credit Check Loans of November 2022

  1. 1F Cash Advance – Overall best personal loans for bad credit.
  2. ASAP Finance – The easiest way to get fast cash online.
  3. 15M Finance – Get bad credit loans with guaranteed approval instantly.

#1. 1F Cash Advance – Overall Best Personal Loans for Bad Credit

1F Cash Advance is the company you can turn to when it seems like nobody will approve you for a loan. The service is a marketplace with multiple suggestions from direct lenders throughout the country. You can access many offers at once by filling out just one loan request form. And it also makes your chance of getting a bad credit loan higher.

The company goes in for emergency loans with no hard FICO score check through major credit bureaus. You can apply using its convenient website in minutes and get a loan with any credit as quickly as the next business day.

“A bad credit loan is an accessible option to cover unexpected expenses for people without savings. Whether you have a poor credit score or need money desperately, it can help you fast and without bothering you. Your problems and needs are always above your credit score for us.” – Latoria Williams, CEO of 1F Cash Advance.


No strict eligibility requirements

The platform always ensures its products are accessible. You need to meet a few basic qualifications and no paperwork to go through. You can get a cash advance even with a bad credit score if you’re an adult and your income is enough for the requested sum.

Ability to get no credit check loans online

You don’t need to visit a store to apply or get cash. All the processes are online, so you can sign a loan contract and get the funds digitally.

Safety and privacy are core priorities

Your data is always safe and can only be used for making a loan decision. The company uses a safe connection to share your application details with direct lenders. Your personal data is not transferred to third parties and is reliably protected from leakage.


  • Full range of no credit check loans;
  • Flexible loan terms;
  • Fast loan processing and funding;
  • Online loan application procedure;
  • Available with bad or no credit.


  • Many lenders will ask you for income verification;
  • The cost of a no credit check loan may be high.

#2. ASAP Finance – The Easiest Way to Get Fast Cash Online

ASAP Finance is known as a company that can quickly provide you with a needed amount through its user-friendly digital platform. After entering your personal and contact information in a submission form, you will get an email with a response from a direct lender. As the company works with more than 20 loan providers, you can easily get a loan offer. As an application is free for you, you’re not obliged to accept the first offer you get. You can apply several times until you get a suggestion that suits you. As the company’s partner payday lenders usually don’t run hard credit checks, these applications won’t be recorded in your credit report.

The platform can also help you with debt consolidation and debt relief. Moreover, online lenders usually don’t ask you to explain your loan purpose, so you can spend the amount at your discretion.

“Many people think bad credit loans are something they should avoid just because they don’t understand how they work. They can be your fast assistance and support in any financial emergency. You need to find the right lender, learn more about a product you use, and be a responsible customer.” – Gregory Allen, principal CEO of ASAP Finance.


Fast loan processing

As the company’s partner direct lenders don’t make hard FICO score credit checks, it influences the speed of loan verification. In its turn, it allows you to get cash faster, typically within one business day.

Intuitive application form

It won’t be hard for you to fill out a loan request blank, even if you’re a beginner in using lending services. It takes you about 5 minutes to follow simple application steps and complete a submission form.

Service with no fees

The marketplace doesn’t charge any fees for applying. You’re welcome to do it multiple times if you don’t get a suitable personal loan offer the first time.


  • Affordable loans you can get online 24/7;
  • Soft credit checks only;
  • The minimum credit score is not set;
  • Cash transfer within one business day;
  • No collateral is required.


  • Requires access to your bank account;
  • A no credit check loan may be costly.

#3. 15M Finance – Get Bad Credit Loans With Guaranteed Approval Instantly

15M Finance is the right place to seek help from for those who need a bad credit loan as soon as possible. It’s a service designed to connect you with a local loan provider in just a few clicks. You will get a guaranteed approval decision within an hour after you submit an online application form. If you meet basic qualifications, the money will be in your checking or savings account within one working day. You can use it to cover any financial needs you have at the moment, from covering medical bills to paying for car repairs.

The platform is free of charge for its clients, so it carries no risk to you. As a nice bonus, loan providers the firm partners with usually run only a soft credit check. Therefore, applying for online loans through the company won’t be recorded in your credit report.

“If you have ever tried to get a loan with bad credit, you probably know how difficult and mentally exhausting it can be. Therefore, we want to provide low-credit borrowers with equal opportunities as they usually need help desperately and don’t know where to get it. Your credit history is never a barrier when you apply for a no credit check loan through our platform.” – Shania Brenson, co-founder of 15M Finance.


High customer ratings

The company is trusted by thousands of customers who mention they have had a pleasant borrowing experience with it. Borrowers also note they always get money on time and don’t face problems with getting a loan with bad credit scores.

Straightforward application process

There are no unnecessary steps you need to take to apply. Lenders also don’t ask for additional information except for the basic minimum they need to make a loan decision.

Simple eligibility criteria

The service has easy-to-meet requirements to make loans with no credit check accessible. If you have some credit issues or need money fast, the platform can help you with online loans without strict stipulations.


  • No records in your credit report;
  • The company accepts loan requests from bad credit borrowers;
  • No additional charges and fees;
  • Rapid loan verification;
  • Allows to apply day and night;
  • Next-day direct deposit is available.


  • Can’t be used for a credit repair;
  • Lenders may reject your loan request;
  • An interest rate on a bad credit loan may be high.

How Have We Ranked Online Loans With No Credit Check?

Before getting a cash advance loan, it’s important to know what factors you need to clap your eyes on. Even two bad credit loans that seem completely identical at first glance can differ significantly from each other. Therefore, you need to analyze at least a couple of offers and make a comparison based on the criteria that affect your loan conditions most. Here are the factors we’ve given heed to when making a list above:

Loan Request Process

The availability of an online loan process determines a lender’s flexibility. It shows that a borrower can apply for a loan conveniently without visiting a store, faxing, or doing unnecessary paperwork. We’ve also paid attention to the submission process’s simplicity to ensure it is intuitive and clear for an average user.

Loan Cost

The loan cost is the amount you will be asked to repay on the due date. This includes your loan principal, interest rate, and additional fees a lender or company may charge. The lower these values are, the lower the sum you need to pay off, so you can save money just by choosing wisely. Therefore, all the companies we’ve picked charge no application fees and offer loans with no credit checks at reasonable interest rates.

Speed of Money Deposits

No credit check loans are fast cash loans, so they must help people who get into financial emergencies. Therefore, we’ve selected platforms with rapid money funding processes so that you can access money within one business day.


When you search for a no-credit check loan, it is assumed that the eligibility criteria must be simple. People use bad credit loans because they are accessible and easy to get, so this factor is one of the most substantial. At this point, the services above have just a few eligibility requirements that have nothing out of what you couldn’t match.

Trustworthiness and customer experiences

Sometimes lenders hide behind favorable conditions they pass off as the truth. Unfortunately, it may be hard to spot a dishonest lender at a glance. And luckily, you can turn to various customer review platforms to find out whether the lender is worth working with. The companies from our list gain the trust of borrowers by providing fair services, which is confirmed by positive customer feedback.

Direct Lenders vs. Connecting Services

Direct lenders are loan providers that provide you with a loan amount directly without third parties. They are responsible for checking your details, making a loan decision, and funding money to your bank account. Such lenders as banks, credit unions, private lending companies, and online lenders are considered direct.

Connecting companies are services that can help you find the best deal possible from a network of direct loan providers they partner with. Although they don’t make direct deposits or any credit decisions, they can help you reduce the time you need to spend finding a lender yourself. If you do your business with a trusted connecting company with no application fees, it may be a good way to get several offers, compare them and choose the one that suits you.

What Are No Credit Check Loans for Bad Credit?

A no-credit check loan is a cash advance people use when they need money fast but can’t get it from traditional financial institutions. It happens because you can access it with any credit history. Unlike bank loans, no credit check loans don’t require checking your credit report through main credit bureaus. Therefore, your FICO score doesn’t get lower. Moreover, there is no need for collateral as they are unsecured personal loans. It means you don’t risk losing your property, even if you pay late.

Loan conditions and payment schedules may vary depending on the specific no-credit check loan. For example, payday loans have extremely short terms and oblige you to make one large payment by your next salary. Personal installment loans, in contrast, can be paid off in equal monthly payments. You can obtain between $200 and $5,000, and loan terms are from 14 days to 24 months.

What Are My Options If I Need Loans With No Credit Check?

If your past financial mistakes spoil your credit history, no credit check loans for bad credit can rescue you in case of unexpected expenses. There are several types of loans with no credit check you can consider. Although it’s always a personal choice, you need to realize what kind of product will be better for you for a pleasant borrowing experience. Here are the common options without a hard credit inquiry.

Payday Loans

Payday loans are small (usually from $200 to $1,000) emergency cash advances with short repayment terms. Payday loans are called so because payday lenders typically set a maturity date by your next paycheck. Thus, you generally need to repay no credit check payday loans in 14 to 31 days. A payday loan is an option you can obtain with minimum effort. However, as the requirements for borrowers decrease, the interest rate becomes higher to offset risks. That is why payday loans are one of the most expensive cash advances on the market.

Installment Loans

If you think it will be hard for you to repay the whole loan at once, an installment loan may be your alternative. Unlike a payday loan, an installment loan allows you to divide your financial burden among several months and repay your debt in equal monthly payments. Thus, installment loans are less stressful compared to payday loans. Personal installment loans have flexible repayment schedules. You can choose timeframes from 3 to 24 months. Installment loan amounts are usually between $500 and $5,000. At the same time, an installment loan can turn out to be more expensive than a payday loan due to a longer repayment term.

Bad Credit Personal Loans

A bad credit personal loan is more likely to be an option you used to. At some point, it is similar to a bank loan but doesn’t have strict credit score requirements. Even if you have a bad credit score, you can get a higher amount than installment loans offer and repay it within up to 60 months. However, you will be asked to confirm the amount of your earnings and get ready for a soft credit check. As personal loan lenders strive to prevent risks associated with bad credit score borrowers, they need to determine whether your revenue is sufficient to cover your potential debt.

Can I Get Guaranteed Loans for Bad Credit?

Unfortunately, no lender can guarantee you will receive the money, even if you have a good credit score. There are many elements lenders are focused on when they review your personal information. It may be your income, debt-to-income ratio, credit history aspects, and more. Therefore, bad credit loans with guaranteed approval usually imply that a lender will check your data and send you a guaranteed response that can also be negative. However, no credit check loans with guaranteed approval were mainly made for low credit score consumers, so your credit history issues are not an obstacle.

Do No Credit Check Personal Loans Hurt My Credit Score?

Unlike bank or credit union personal loans, lending products without credit checks don’t require hard inquiries. Lenders perform only soft checks without reviewing your credit history through credit reporting bureaus. Thus, applying for payday and installment loans commonly makes your credit score the same.

Alternatives to No Credit Check Loans With Guaranteed Approval

Each loan has its pitfalls, and online loans with no credit check are not an exception. Therefore, before deciding on them, you need to learn more about these options and consider available alternatives. Here are some of them.

Consider Secured Loans

A secured loan is an amazing option to get a reasonable annual percentage rate with a bad credit history. A lender can offer you favorable conditions by using your property as collateral. Although getting a cash advance with a pledge is easier for people with bad credit scores, secured loan lenders perform credit checks through major credit bureaus. It means that obtaining secured debt may lower your credit rating.

Use a Cash Advance App

If you need a small sum, but payday loans seem suspicious or too costly, consider using a small cash advance app. Typically, such apps offer lower interest and fees compared to payday loans. At the same time, the sum you can get will also be limited. It is usually set as a percentage of your next salary and can’t exceed $1,000.

Borrow Money from Family

If you want to get a cash advance at a low or no interest rate, ask your loved ones for help. You can borrow money from your relatives regardless of your credit score and with favorable conditions. However, it may damage your relationship in case of delays or require you to explain the purpose of the loan.

No Credit Check Loan Requirements

No credit check loans for bad credit usually don’t consider your credit score. Therefore, they are considered to be quite accessible. Take a look at the basic criteria you need to meet to qualify:

  • Meet the age of majority requirements of your state;
  • Have an active bank account and valid proof of US residency;
  • Confirm your income (usually no less than $1,000 monthly);
  • Enter your contact, personal, and bank details in a submission form;


Where Can I Get Bad Credit Loans With Guaranteed Approval?

You can consider many companies and services, from private lenders to online loan providers and connecting platforms. Choose the local one specializing in guaranteed loans for bad credit, or turn to the services we’ve picked to apply online.

What Can I Use No Credit Check Loans for?

Your loan purpose is unlimited! You can use the money for any needs you have. Whether medical expenses, utility bills, or credit card payments bother you, there are no restrictions. People also use no credit check loans with guaranteed approval as debt consolidation loans to manage their debt more efficiently.

How Can I Get a Personal Loan With a Poor Credit Score?

People with credit scores can count on financial assistance from online lenders and connecting services. All you need to get cash is to fill out a submission blank and wait for a response. If a lender approves your request, you will receive a loan offer by email. After all, you need to read and electronically sign your loan agreement. The money will be in your bank account by the end of the next business day.

Should I Choose Secured or Unsecured Loans If My Credit Score Is Bad?

It is always up to you. Different people pay attention to different criteria they consider important. Secured debt can suit borrowers who want to get a lower interest rate. On the other hand, unsecured cash advances may be better for those looking for a faster option without risks. Also, remember that secured and unsecured loans may require a hard credit check that temporarily affects your credit score. In this case, your chance of getting money with a secured loan is higher.

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