As a surge of dangerous weather systems converges on the Southern US in late 2022, particularly the central states of Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi, most of the 100-plus million people who reside in about 10 southern states are gearing up for a period of severe storms.

Every year’s final months are the time when Southerners begin taking precautionary measures against things like hurricanes, tornadoes, electrical storms, and massive rainfall. The annual drill is not new, but retailers still see a run on certain products, foods, and drinking water.

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Those who plan ahead are better able to ride out the awful climatic events. Typical, effective tactics for beating Mother Nature at her own game include setting aside a cash fund for dire weather-related emergencies, buying generators, adding CB radios to the household communication system, stocking up on weapons, and double-checking stockpiles of food. As the worst storm season of 2022 approaches, homeowners are adding food freezers in their garages and maintaining a supply cabinet of necessities like batteries, ammunition, RTE (ready-to-eat) meals, charcoal, and medical items.

Residents Keep Monthly E-Funds

They’re also being sure to set aside some emergency cash in e-funds in case this year’s rainy season forces evacuations to nearby dry locales. Residents can afford to build up these important financial resources by saving money on monthly expenses. One way consumers are tackling the challenge is by refinancing auto insurance policies, mortgages, student loans, and personal debt through one-stop-shop websites like Navient Marketplace where they can get low competitive rates.

More Than 25 Million Were in Path of Thanksgiving Weather Outbreak

The massive climate event in late November 2022 moved in from the Pacific Northwest, delivering powerful winds and intense rainfall to the South Central states. Meteorologists warned holiday travelers in the region to be ready for tornadoes and potentially life-threatening situations. People need to be ready to shelter in place or move out quickly if the authorities decide to invoke an evacuation order. Common in states like Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and Texas, evac orders usually precede the most dangerous kinds of weather, like high-speed winds, heavy hail, flooding, and hurricanes.

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Generators and Freezers Selling Out in Many Southern States

You need to have a snow emergency plan that is inclusive of electrical needs. Two of the biggest sellers during the months of November and December across the Southern US are power generators and stand-alone freezers. Millions of the South’s residents already own at least one of each, but as the 2022/23 storm season approaches, retailers are experiencing a larger-than-normal demand. Along with generators, fuel sales typically peak during the fourth quarter of each year, and 2022 is no exception.

Some Locations Still Recovering from Recent Disasters

Florida has already survived two hurricanes in 2022 as the year-end deluge of potentially powerful low-pressure zones gets ready to pounce. Likewise, Texas and Louisiana have endured particularly bad climatic fortunes during recent months. The prediction of a worse December than usual is not welcome news for residents of those states. The entire Mississippi Valley, including parts of Arkansas, is part of the National Weather Service’s warnings for late 2022. Gusty winds, hail damage, and flash floods are the most severe effects.

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