The recliner sofa is a favorite home furniture for millions of Americans. This is not surprising, because if it is folded up, it takes up minimal space in the living room or bedroom. As a rule, buyers in the U.S. prefer leather sofas, which often cost more than 1,000 USD. Of course, the durability of such furniture is somewhat less than that of classic sofas, as there are enough risks. To protect the purchased product from them, you can use recliner sofa slipcovers.

To date, you can buy such products in hundreds of specialized stores. If you live in a large population center, then you will definitely find such a store. An alternative option is to create a protective fabric with your own hands. However, it is suitable only for those people who have sewing skills and can competently measure all the parameters of the furniture.

The finished cover can protect from:

  1. External damage. Increases the durability of the sofa, and therefore even after three years of use, it will look like new.
  2. Damage that can be caused by pets and children. If we talk about dogs and cats, they are usually willing to sharpen their claws on the surface of household furniture. Accordingly, a folding sofa will seem to them the best option. The protective fabric, in turn, minimizes the risk of damage. Children can also harm the furniture, for example, if they regurgitate on it, or try to get it dirty.
  3. From food or drinks that end up on the surface of the couch. Many Americans prefer to dine in a comfy chair, and therefore stains are not uncommon on furniture.

Experienced homeowners recommend buying quality covers that can last the owners more than ten years. In any case, their cost will be much less than the price of new furniture. Mamma Mia Covers is one of the leading brands producing premium quality protective fabrics. The company has developed dozens of offerings for the convertible sofa. The main difference is the material and color of the cover. If you do not want to wash the fabric every month, it is better to give preference to dark colors, the price will not change. The obvious advantage of this brand is the experience and understanding of the desires of the target audience. In addition, customers are offered a lot of promotions, and therefore it is important to follow the updates.

If you want to make a cover with your own hands, you should take into account that this is not the easiest process. If you have no experience in sewing, the process can take almost a whole day. You can practice on old sheets, as few people get to make a quality cover from the first time. Moreover, creating a protective fabric for a folding sofa has its own nuances.

When the homeowner realizes that he is ready to create the cover himself, he needs to choose the fabric. Choosing it, you can not forget about harmony. If the walls of the room are decorated with motley wallpaper, then the best option will be a monochrome material – matte or glossy. Monochrome surfaces, on the contrary, allow even bright fabrics, but there is one requirement – the pattern on them should be small. It is important to carefully analyze which material and coloring is ideal for the interior of your room. Most often, velour, microfiber, or cotton is used. Eco leather will suit you if there are no pets in the house. This is due to the fact that after numerous bites cover will deteriorate and will have to change it.

In addition, you need to take measurements and decide on the amount of fabric. Before you go to the store for it, it is necessary to carry out this operation. If the sofa is standard sizes, the cover will need about 8 meters of fabric. For a more accurate calculation, measure the length and width of furniture, multiply each figure by 2 and add up.

When the fabric is in place, you will need to cut it according to measurements, and sew with a folding sofa. Not always everything turns out perfectly the first time. However, if you bring your case to the end, you will get a charge of positivity and motivation.

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