Tracking down an Instagram growth company to set you up with many followers is easy. There’s no shortage of social media engagement specialists to choose from, each with its own unique list of claims to fame.

But when it comes to real Instagram growth services – i.e., those that are 100% legit – things aren’t quite so straightforward. Real followers from active and authentic accounts are more difficult to come by than the usual spam handed out.

This is why I decided to conduct my own Media Mister review, as this is one of the few brands on the web to guarantee 100% organic growth services for Instagram. No spam, no bots, and no painfully obvious fake followers that could get your own Instagram account shut down.

Media Mister claims to be the real deal, so I thought I’d take a closer look at how they do business.

Overview of Media Mister’s Instagram Follower Service

Operating since 2012, Media Mister has massively diversified its Instagram product portfolio over the years. Along with followers, you can also buy likes, views, comments, mentions, profile visits, impressions, shares, poll votes, and more. Pretty much everything you could need to carve out a credible social media presence, with prices quoted from as little as $2.00.

They’re listing two different types of Instagram followers – Normal and NFT Followers. I contacted their customer support reps via live chat for clarification on NFT followers, who they stated are real and active Instagram users from within the growing NFT community on the platform. Not something I have any real need for, but pretty cool, nonetheless.

You can buy anything from 50 to a full 1 million followers per order, but what was particularly impressive was the huge range of geo-targeted options available. While ordering, you can request that the followers you buy come from a specific region or market worldwide, with at least 50 countries to choose from. Great if you’re targeting one specific location with your output.

Above all else, the assurance of quality Media Mister provides makes all the difference. They don’t just claim to offer 100% real social proof – they go so far as to back every sale with a full refund guarantee. In addition, you get a retention warranty for the first eight weeks, meaning you’re covered if any of the followers you buy drop during this time. This means you’re basically looking at a risk-free purchase, with options starting from a ridiculously low $2.00.

Pros and Cons of Media Mister’s Instagram Follower Service

No Instagram growth specialist is perfect, so it’s vital to carefully consider the pros and cons before buying. Here’s a brief overview of the main ups and downs at Media Mister:


Quality of Followers

Media Mister guarantees nothing but 100% legit social proof sourced from real people with real accounts. They claim that the follow as they provide are identical to the real thing and just as effective. Importantly, Media Mister states that under no circumstances are fake accounts (or bots) ever used to generate spam social signals.

Types of Followers Offered

Currently, two types of Instagram followers are available at Media Mister – Normal Followers and NFT Followers. Though I’ve no specific use for NFT followers myself, it’s still pretty cool to see them mixing it up with some niche products. Their full range of promotional products for Instagram is also the biggest you’ll find from any comparable seller.

Location Based Followers

The sheer range of geo-targeted options available at Media Mister is mind-blowing.

You can order high-quality followers from dozens of locations worldwide – basically any major Instagram market. This can be extremely useful for creators targeting geo-specific audiences or demographics with their content on Instagram.

Low Costs

You can buy real Instagram followers at Media Mister starting from as little as $2.00, but their larger packages represent even better value for money. For example, an order for 1,000 real followers is priced at just $20, a package of 5,000 Instagram followers will set you back $95, and a full 10,000 can be added to your account for as little as $189. A small price to pay to completely transform the appeal of your Instagram profile.

Speed of Delivery

Approximate delivery times are indicated on the order form on the Media Mister website, with most orders being fulfilled within 1 to 7 working days. In Media Mister’s published T&Cs, they claim to use a 100% manual ‘drip-feed’ delivery system to make the entire process look organic. This is a big deal, as Instagram may block followers that are added to profiles too quickly.

Customer Support

I reached out to Media Mister’s support reps myself and was generally impressed by their responses. Positive attitudes, plenty to say about social proof, and helpful answers to important questions. The live chat facility operates during normal office hours, outside which you can email Media Mister via their website.


No Telephone Support

This isn’t a big deal for me, but I’ve found some reviews stating that telephone support would be a welcome addition at Media Mister. I personally prefer to use live chat, but adding a telephone line into the mix at some point would please some people.

No Free Trial

No free trial is available for any of the services offered by Media Mister, and no samples are handed out before buying. This isn’t the end of the world when their packages start from $2.00, but samples or trials before buying are always welcome.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

To date, Media Mister has earned an impressive average of 3.91 stars from 182 reviews on Sitejabber, along with a rating of 4.7 out of 171 reviews on Facebook. The individual service pages on the Media Mister website also make for reassuring reading, painting a picture of predominantly satisfied customers.

A couple of review snippets extracted from Sitejabber:

“As a content creator and first-time user of Media Mister, I am beyond impressed. Media Mister is reliable, fast, and professional! Once I placed my order, my Instagram followers were quickly added to my page! Their customer support is also very helpful. I will be using their services again.”

“I just bought 50 Instagram Followers for my account, and the service was fast, so I wanted to thank the customer service team. Thank you!”

Overall, Media Mister has a solid reputation and plenty of positive feedback – both on their own website and on several major external review sites.

Comparison with Other Instagram Follower Services

Regarding what matters most, most of what’s on offer at Media Mister would be tough to beat. Their promotional products cover all major and niche social media platforms, and the prices quoted start from just $2.00. For this, you still get a full money-back guarantee if things go wrong and a retention warranty for the first eight weeks. Neither of which you’ll get with most social proof specialists, irrespective of how much you spend.

These guarantees of quality and authenticity give Media Mister a major edge over comparable Instagram follower services. Plenty of similar sellers claim to offer legit social signals, but comparatively, few put their money where their mouth is. Media Mister is one of the only sellers on the scene that essentially offers a risk-free experience, where you either get what you pay for or you get your money back.

Coupled with the most diverse range of promotional products for Instagram on the market and a genuinely pleasant customer support team, Media Mister really does seem to be getting the job done right.

My Verdict

Is Media Mister legit? The short answer is yes…very much so.

Frankly, it’s a pretty cut-and-shut verdict with Media Mister. Whether or not you’re convinced by what’s on offer, there’s nothing to lose by checking them out for yourself. This alone gives Media Mister the biggest edge over comparable Instagram growth companies.

Regarding key selling points, Media Mister guarantees nothing but 100% real and active followers of the highest quality. None of the usual bots or spam – just real people with genuine Instagram accounts who follow you in the normal way. Their prices are insanely low across the board and include a 60-day retention warranty with every order.

It would therefore be difficult not to recommend Media Mister for Instagram engagement services, as everything seems to be above board. If in doubt, you can always direct your questions and concerns to their customer support reps before ordering. If they’re half as helpful as they were when I spoke to them, they’ll be more than happy to tell you how the whole thing works.

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