The real estate market in Southern Maryland is red hot, and the state’s residents consistently need new homes. Property investors in Maryland are having difficulty keeping up with the rapid pace at which homes are being purchased due to the fierce competition in the market. In the most competitive housing markets in Southern Maryland, properties are sold an average of 9.6 days after being placed on the market.

When it comes to accumulating money and generating passive income, several locations in Southern Maryland appear to be good options. Investing in rental homes in Maryland amid inflation rates presents the opportunity for a significant increase in the return you receive on your capital. However, before you commit to any purchase, it is prudent to educate yourself as thoroughly as possible on the circumstances and opportunities that exist in the area. Let’s look at the locations in Southern Maryland that are the best places to buy properties.

Best places to buy property in Southern Maryland

There are several places in Southern Maryland that you should focus on if you are looking to buy property. Here are some of these locations:

Charles County

You can find some of the most desirable commercial real estate in Maryland in Charles County. The location is a principal corridor between Baltimore and Richmond and enables businesses aiming to build or strengthen their physical presence near the capital to find excellent options in the county. These options include high-visibility retail centers, class-A offices and flex space for industrial uses.

One could make the same claim about the available commercial real estate in most localities. Yet, Charles County is the only place where companies can acquire this kind of access to the Washington, DC metro market at expenses that are 20% to 40% lower. A total of 1,596,757 square feet of commercial space in Charles County is available for lease to companies of varying sizes and scopes.

Calvert County

Due to its low crime rate and easy access to various activities and regions, Calvert County is an excellent location to purchase property. It offers a diverse selection of residential real estate options. The city has a population of approximately 90,000 people, and the median income for a household is about $94,000. This is roughly $20,000 more than the state average for household income. The lifestyle you can enjoy as a house buyer in Calvert County is typically centered around the bayside geography of the region.


Intense and persistent demand from rentals, prospective homeowners and active house buyers is supported by this area’s dynamic and diversified economy. This results from their technology, entertainment, innovation and business services. California, Maryland is in an excellent position to offer returns to investors who want to capitalize on rising housing values.

Many California property markets are experiencing demand outpacing both availability and development. This results from tenants moving to the region searching for jobs, excellent entertainment and various outdoor activities. Due to this demand, rental rates for property owners renting their homes out have steadily climbed over the past few years.

Lexington Park

If you are looking for homes for sale with a good profit potential on a quick flip, Lexington Park might be a suitable alternative for your property investment. Throughout the past years, the market environment and real estate values in Lexington Park have been going through a period of sustained appreciation. This is a favorable trend that is expected to continue. It appears that purchasing a home in Lexington Park is a profitable investment. This indicates a bright picture for the real estate market, so owning a property in Lexington Park would make for a welcome addition to your property investment portfolio. If this is your first time investing, you should immediately familiarize yourself with successful real estate investment strategies.


Numerous regions in Southern Maryland present opportunities for making valuable real estate investments. Keep tabs on the top places in this resource as you plan for your next real estate investment. Get an understanding of the many different localities and communities that are in Maryland. Then, compare their investment potential when evaluating possible properties.

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