Are you searching for the finest place to further your studies as an international student? Why not try Maryland? This article has compiled reasons why this place could be your best study choice. After reading this post, you might want to change your mind and prefer an institution in this state as your first choice. Check it out!

Brief Overview

Maryland is a state in the US with qualities you can always admire and never tire of when you visit or decide to live there as you study. It borders some of the best big cities in the US, like Washington, New York, and Philadelphia, that you aspire to visit during your free time. You can always access these cities within hours, depending on where you are in Maryland.

International students who wish to explore the different cultures of these larger cities in the US are better off when they study in Maryland because they can always get the chance to visit the areas easily without compromising their study time. It also borders the Atlantic Ocean, and this can be a great place to visit and take time off from school as you enjoy the waters.

You will find Maryland a very interesting place because of the wildlife and the natural resources available. You can always explore these opportunities before you complete your stay there. In addition, you can always work with an essay writer if you can’t find time to handle your coursework because you were out there exploring the beauty of this state.

Best Schools to Consider If You Opt To Study in Maryland

As an international student, you might want to be associated with the best universities to study at in the US. Luckily, Maryland State has vast options of universities you can ever wish for. Some of the best institutions in the area and the courses they offer include:

University of Maryland, College Park

Ranked at number 55 out of 443 national universities, this institution proves to be an excellent choice for international students. It has been offering opportunities for international students for a long time so that you won’t feel misplaced or the odd one out.

The cost of study in this institution is affordable for both the residents and non-residents of Maryland. International students also get the chance to benefit from grants and scholarships offered at the institution, so you are certain to complete your studies, regardless.

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

The school offers a variety of courses for international students without limiting one to any. It ranks number 137 in the best colleges in national universities. It would be fun for anyone to be associated with this institution because you enjoy the best quality education.

International students who wish to progress in research can secure a spot in this institution as it ranks among the top 100 US public institutions in research. In addition, you can select your career course from over 80 graduate degree programs offered at the institution.

Johns Hopkins University

Do you have at least a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale average grade point? Then, you can easily apply for admission to this institution and begin your career journey asap. Moreover, it is one of the most costly universities in the US, so you must be ready to cater to the cost if you want to be part of the college.

You can always rely on grants and scholarships to meet your financial demands. The best thing is that it would be worthwhile and you won’t regret studying at this college.

United State Naval Academy

This institution in Maryland is a perfect starting point for international students. The school has strict selection criteria, but it is worth a try. It offers admission to both native and international students without prejudice. In addition, anyone can join this institution if they meet the required GPA scores or prove their competency.  

Morgan State University

Lastly, we have Morgan State University on our list, which offers admission to international students as long as they score a cumulative grade point of 3.0. You can apply for admission to the institution by paying a non-refundable fee of $50. Please do so if you know you have met the requirements for joining the school, or else your application might be unsuccessful.

Besides quality education, Maryland can be an excellent place to explore. International students can learn historical facts about the region. Luckily, the primary language used is English, so you won’t have to worry about the language barrier. Schools also offer English language courses, making it favorable for international students to study at Maryland.

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