On April 18, 2023, a La Plata police officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle displaying Virginia tags for a moving violation. The stop occurred at approximately 10:51 p.m. on Drury Drive at Crain Highway. Upon interviewing the driver, Ajani Lewis, the officer detected the strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle.

According to police reports, the officer conducted a search of the vehicle and discovered a quantity of marijuana and a loaded Taurus 9mm handgun. The driver, Ajani Lewis, a 31-year-old resident of Baltimore, was immediately taken into custody and transported to the Charles County Detention Center.

Lewis was charged with possession of a firearm during a drug trafficking crime, possession of marijuana, and possession of a firearm while in possession of a controlled dangerous substance. He was released the following day after posting a $3,500 unsecured bond.

The La Plata Police Department has expressed concern about the incident, particularly regarding the presence of a loaded firearm during a drug offense. Police Chief Jason Coddington urged citizens to report any suspicious activity and reiterated the department’s commitment to enforcing the law and keeping the community safe.

This incident highlights the continuing issue of illegal drugs and firearms in the community, and the need for law enforcement to remain vigilant in their efforts to curb such activities. While Maryland recently passed legislation aimed at reducing gun violence and increasing public safety, incidents such as this demonstrate that more work needs to be done.

The incident also raises questions about the prevalence of drugs and firearms in neighboring states such as Virginia, where the vehicle in question was registered. It is unclear whether Lewis purchased the firearm in Virginia, or if it was acquired through other means.

This incident also serves as a reminder to drivers to be mindful of their behavior and comply with traffic laws. Traffic stops are a routine occurrence and can result in serious consequences, as demonstrated in this case. Additionally, citizens are encouraged to report any suspicious activity or concerns about illegal firearms or drug activity in their neighborhoods to law enforcement.

The La Plata police officer’s seizure of a loaded firearm and drugs during a routine traffic stop highlights the continuing issue of illegal activities in the community. Law enforcement officials remain committed to enforcing the law and keeping the public safe, and citizens are encouraged to report any suspicious activity or concerns to the police.

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