On April 25th at 9:38 a.m., a school administrator at North Point High School in Charles County, Maryland became aware of a possible drug possession by a student and notified a school resource officer. The situation escalated when the student was found to be carrying a replica semi-automatic firearm that was later determined to be a BB gun.

The student was immediately arrested on the scene and charged with possession of a dangerous weapon on school grounds and possession of cannabis. The student is also facing disciplinary consequences from the Charles County Public Schools.

Credit: Charles County Sheriff's Office

According to the school, the staff member reported to administrators a strong smell of marijuana near a set of student lockers. Upon investigation, a student was found to be in possession of marijuana in their bookbag, which was recovered from their locker. During the search of the student’s belongings, the look-alike firearm was discovered, leading to the involvement of the school resource officer.

Daniel M. Kaple, the principal of North Point High School, commended the staff member for reporting the incident, which enabled quick investigation and action. He urged parents to talk to their children about the serious consequences of possessing drugs and dangerous items such as look-alike weapons on school grounds.

The Charles County Public Schools has a Code of Student Conduct that outlines the consequences for students who bring drugs or weapons to school or on school property. Students guilty of such offenses could face school disciplinary action and police charges.

Kaple also encouraged students to report illegal, threatening, or unsafe activities to a school administrator, school resource officer, or staff member. The CCPS also has a See Something, Say Something confidential online safety reporting tool for students to report such incidents. Reports are kept confidential and shared with the appropriate school staff and police for investigation.

The incident at North Point High School is a reminder of the importance of maintaining school safety and promoting a drug-free environment. The school and the police will continue to work together to investigate any reports of drug or weapons possession at school.

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