PRINCE FREDERICK, MD – Jasmine Somerville and Declan McDermitt emerged as champions in the highly anticipated 2023 T-Mobile Home Run Derby competition held at Hallowing Point Park on Sunday, May 7. Hosted by the Calvert American Little League (CCALL), the event showcased the impressive skills and raw talent of young baseball and softball players.

In an exhilarating display of power and precision, Jasmine Somerville, a rising star in the softball world, blasted three home runs, firmly establishing herself as the frontrunner in her category. Meanwhile, Declan McDermitt left spectators in awe with his exceptional performance, securing the top spot for baseball. Shane Wright earned the well-deserved title of runner-up in the baseball category.

“I’m proud to see the energy and excitement of all our athletes here today,” expressed Michael Barnes, president of CCALL, beaming with pride. “Not only did Jasmine and Declan hit it out of the park, but every one of these kids had the courage to give it their all. I can’t wait to see what next year brings.”

The T-Mobile Home Run Derby provided each young athlete with 90 seconds to showcase their hitting prowess, aiming to send as many balls soaring over the fences as possible. The top performers advanced to the second and third rounds, each with an additional 90 seconds to make their mark. Jasmine and Declan consistently delivered, amassing the highest number of home runs in their respective divisions.

A lively crowd of enthusiastic spectators filled the park, cheering on the aspiring athletes and offering unwavering support throughout the competition. The Calvert American Little League expressed their sincerest gratitude to the event’s sponsors, dedicated volunteers, and all the participants for contributing to the resounding success of the tournament.

This year marked the inaugural hosting of the T-Mobile Home Run Derby by CCALL, and plans are already underway to transform it into an annual tradition. The event serves as a platform for promising young athletes to exhibit their hitting skills in both baseball and softball. The Calvert American Little League is thrilled to have been part of this prestigious event and eagerly awaits the arrival of future aspiring athletes.

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