Piccowaxen Middle School was at the center of an alarming incident when a student was discovered in possession of a vape pen containing a yellow substance suspected to be cannabis. The discovery prompted an immediate response from the school resource officer (SRO), leading to an ongoing investigation.

On May 17, around 2:30 p.m., a vigilant school administrator at Piccowaxen Middle School made a distressing find and promptly alerted the SRO about a student in possession of a vape pen. The device’s cartridge, which contained a yellow substance, raised suspicions of illicit drug use. The SRO, taking the matter seriously, initiated an investigation into the incident.

In order to determine the nature of the yellow substance, the SRO subjected the cartridge to testing. The results confirmed the administrator’s concerns, as the substance tested positive for cannabis, a controlled substance.

To ensure appropriate support and intervention for the student involved, the school resource officer is collaborating with the Charles County Department of Juvenile Services. By reaching out to them, the SRO aims to provide the necessary services and guidance to address any underlying issues contributing to the student’s behavior.

In addition to the involvement of external agencies, the Charles County Public Schools will administer disciplinary consequences to the student in accordance with their policies and procedures. The precise nature of the disciplinary actions remains undisclosed.

Authorities are urging anyone with relevant information about this case to come forward and assist in the ongoing investigation. Cpl. Caballero, the officer leading the inquiry, can be contacted at 301-609-3282 ext. 0573. By reaching out, individuals can provide crucial details that may shed light on the circumstances surrounding the incident.

The incident at Piccowaxen Middle School underscores the importance of maintaining a safe and drug-free learning environment. The discovery of a student in possession of a cannabis vape pen serves as a reminder of the ongoing challenges faced by educational institutions in combatting substance abuse among students.

Charles County Public Schools prioritize the safety and well-being of their students, and incidents such as this are taken extremely seriously. The collaborative efforts between the school resource officer and the Charles County Department of Juvenile Services demonstrate the commitment to provide appropriate support and intervention to the student involved.

As the investigation into this case continues, it is crucial for parents, teachers, and the community to remain vigilant in monitoring and educating young individuals about the dangers of drug use. By working together, communities can create an environment that promotes healthy choices and discourages substance abuse.

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