Leonardtown, MD – The Leonardtown Rotary Club has extended a helping hand to the St. Mary’s Caring soup kitchen by awarding them a substantial $10,000 grant. The funds will be utilized to acquire essential equipment for the organization’s newly constructed facility in Great Mills. This generous grant was made possible through the Leonardtown Rotary Club’s Foundation and was further matched by Rotary District 7620.

Robin Finnacom, President of the Leonardtown Rotary, expressed the club’s commitment to making a positive impact within the community. “Rotary’s mission is focused on making a positive difference in the community,” Finnacom stated. “St. Mary’s Caring supports families every day. It is the only full-time soup kitchen in Southern Maryland, and we are proud to provide them a grant to further their success.”

Robin Finnacom, Kristine Millen and Rotary District 7620 Governor Sean McAlister Credit: Leonardtown Rotary Club

The grant was immediately put to use by St. Mary’s Caring. The funds were allocated to purchasing a commercial-grade double convection oven, significantly expanding their capacity to provide nourishing meals. Kristine Millen, Director of St. Mary’s Caring, conveyed her gratitude for Rotary’s generous contribution. “We are so very grateful to Rotary for this generous donation that will help ever so many in St. Mary’s County as we fulfill our mission of providing free meals to those in need,” Millen stated.

The Leonardtown Rotary Club, which is affiliated with Rotary International, holds its meetings on Thursday mornings at 7:45 a.m. The meetings are open to the public and take place on the second floor of the Town Office Building. Those interested in learning more about the club and its activities can visit their website at www.leonardtownrotary.org.

St. Mary’s Caring Soup Kitchen, the sole full-time soup kitchen in Southern Maryland, welcomes volunteer support and donations in order to meet the needs of individuals facing hardship. To learn more about how you can contribute to their noble cause, please visit https://www.stmaryscaring.org/.

In providing this grant, the Leonardtown Rotary Club and Rotary District 7620 have demonstrated their commitment to addressing food insecurity in the local community. Their contribution will enable St. Mary’s Caring to enhance its services and reach a larger number of individuals and families who are in need of sustenance.

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