In its inaugural year, the St. Mary’s Ryken (SMR) chapter of Mu Alpha Theta (MAT) – Math National Honor Society – has significantly impacted the community. The society, comprised of sophomores, juniors, and seniors, joined forces with other community programs to provide essential math supplies to those in need. The partnership with Best Buddies resulted in the collection of numerous boxes filled with paper, notebooks, calculators, pencils, and other math-related materials, which were then donated to local children. Donations were gathered over a two-week period in May, with collection boxes generously provided by Staples of Lexington Park.

The success of this initiative was made possible through the collaboration of various individuals and organizations. Tanner George ’24, the founder and president of the SMR chapter of Mu Alpha Theta, expressed his gratitude to everyone involved in the process. He acknowledged the support of Mrs. Beth Allen, SMR Campus Minister, and Best Buddies for accepting the donations. He also extended his appreciation to Staples for their contribution of the collection boxes. Additionally, George recognized the generosity of the SMR community, whose willingness to provide the supplies sought was instrumental in the project’s success. The math teachers at SMR also played a vital role, graciously allowing the collection of materials in their classrooms.

The enthusiasm and dedication of the society members were key factors in bringing the project to life. According to George, Vice President Niko Kyritsopolous ’25 initially presented the idea. The concept of math-related community service resonated with all members, and their commitment and hard work brought the Math Drive to fruition. George expressed immense pride in the team, describing them as instrumental in the tremendous success of the initiative.

Mu Alpha Theta plans to continue the Math Drive in the coming spring. Applications for the society will be released in the fall and will be open to sophomore students and above. This allows more students to join and contribute to the community through their passion for mathematics.

The Math Drive organized by the St. Mary’s Ryken Mu Alpha Theta chapter exemplifies the positive impact that students can have on their community. By recognizing the value of education and leveraging their skills and resources, these young mathematicians are making a difference in the lives of local children. The generosity of the SMR community, combined with the support of Best Buddies and Staples, has ensured the success of this endeavor.

The Math Drive serves as a reminder that education extends beyond the confines of the classroom. Through initiatives like this, students can apply their knowledge practically and meaningfully, fostering a sense of purpose and instilling a spirit of giving back. The dedication and passion demonstrated by the members of Mu Alpha Theta are commendable, and their efforts are sure to inspire others to follow suit.

As the St. Mary’s Ryken Mu Alpha Theta chapter prepares for its second year, it remains committed to promoting mathematical excellence and community service. The success of the Math Drive has set a high standard for future endeavors, and society is poised to continue making a positive impact in the lives of individuals and the community as a whole.

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