LEONARDTOWN, MD – The St. Mary’s County Board of Education revealed significant changes to its administrative ranks during the June 7, 2023, meeting. In a move set to redefine the approach to virtual learning and accountability within the school system, the Board announced the appointments of two seasoned educational professionals, Bernadette Scheetz, and Stephanie Stone, who will assume their new positions beginning July 1, 2023.

Leading the Department of Curriculum and Instruction’s Virtual Learning arm will be Bernadette Scheetz, the newly appointed Supervisor of Virtual Learning. An Instructional Resource Teacher currently with the Department of Assessment and Accountability, Scheetz brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the position.

Scheetz, a two-time graduate in the field of education, holds a Master’s Degree from Walden University and a Bachelor’s Degree from The Pennsylvania State University. Her education and current role provide a firm foundation for the tasks ahead, equipping her with the skills necessary to guide the future direction of virtual learning in the district.

The Board also appointed Stephanie Stone to the post of Supervisor of Accountability, reinforcing its commitment to educational integrity. Stone’s role will be pivotal in ensuring the educational standards of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction are met consistently.

Stone is also an Instructional Resource Teacher within the Department of Assessment and Accountability. Like her new counterpart, Scheetz, Stone’s educational qualifications include a Master’s Degree from Towson University and a Bachelor’s Degree from Salisbury University. Her academic background, combined with her current role, makes her the ideal candidate to continuously lead efforts to improve educational outcomes within the district.

The Superintendent of Schools, Dr. J. Scott Smith, confirmed the appointments, adding that the new leadership positions underscore the district’s focus on improving the virtual learning experience and promoting a robust accountability system.

The Superintendent’s announcement cements the St. Mary’s County Board of Education’s commitment to prioritizing the quality of education and effective use of resources. These appointments signal an intention to leverage the strengths of seasoned educators like Scheetz and Stone to usher in a new era of educational standards within Leonardtown’s schools.

While the new appointees will officially step into their new roles from July 1, 2023, the announcement alone underscores the forward-thinking approach St. Mary’s is committed to in education.

As virtual learning becomes an increasingly vital component of contemporary education, Scheetz’s appointment promises to deliver innovative, robust online instruction. Meanwhile, Stone’s role in accountability will ensure the district’s educational endeavors adhere to the highest standards.

The latest developments from St. Mary’s County Board of Education suggest a proactive approach, with a clear strategy to maintain and enhance the quality of education provided to its students. Carefully selecting two qualified, experienced individuals to lead these critical areas marks a promising new chapter in St. Mary’s educational story.

Both the board and the superintendent look forward to witnessing the contributions Scheetz and Stone will bring to their respective roles and their positive impact on St. Mary’s schools’ educational landscape.

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