Coltons Point, Md. (June 13, 2023) – Dr. Lisa Crim Galioto, a pediatrician inspired by the ospreys living near her creek house in Coltons Point, has penned a captivating children’s book that aims to educate young readers about the diet, appearance, habits, and behavior of ospreys while emphasizing the importance of family values. Released today, “Stella the Mama Osprey” takes readers on a delightful journey with Stella and her mate, Henry, as they embark on a leisurely flight to meet their animal friends, including a groundhog, owl, deer, and squirrels.

As a pediatrician with extensive experience working with children, Dr. Crim understands the impressionability of young minds. She expressed her passion for writing children’s books: “I have wanted to write children’s books for some time. Being a pediatrician for so many years, I realize just how impressionable children are today. I love seeing them read to or excited about their books. Nothing makes me happier than walking into an exam room and seeing a child reading a book.”

Stella and Henry have been Crim’s creek house residents in Coltons Point for several years, sharing their living space with other creatures. Crim observed the birds throughout storms and hot weather as they built nests, laid eggs, and expanded their family. Impressed by the beauty of nature in her own backyard, Crim decided to dedicate her first book to Stella and Henry. “I am in awe of the beautiful nature in my own backyard…Stella and Henry were the first ‘regulars’ in the yard. I felt it only fair that the first book was about them,” Crim explained.

“Stella the Mama Osprey” is an engaging story that combines pleasing rhymes, whimsical illustrations, and fascinating facts about ospreys. The book successfully balances entertainment and education, making it an excellent resource for caregivers and teachers. A school counselor and mother of three praised the book, stating, “Stella the Mama Osprey is such an engaging book both visually and thematically. Seeing the other animals through the eyes of the mama osprey and her family was fun. My kids and I especially loved the vibrant illustrations and the chance to learn more about ospreys.”

Readers of “Stella the Mama Osprey” will be captivated as they witness the hatching of Stella and Henry’s babies, fostering a heartwarming family dynamic of four. Crim hopes readers will be inspired by the osprey couple’s example, encouraging them to appreciate the natural beauty surrounding them, remain attentive to their environment, and prioritize their families’ love, protection, and care. “I feel that we should all live our lives like Stella and Henry. We should be aware of the beauty of the nature surrounding us, pay attention to what is happening around us, and we should love, protect, and take care of our family,” Crim shared.

“Stella the Mama Osprey” is now available for purchase on the Blue Balloon Books website and at various retailers where books are sold. This enchanting book promises to entertain and educate young readers, fostering an appreciation for nature and family values.

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