It happens that there are malfunctions in the operation of an online casino, or you cannot figure something out. In such cases, you need to contact support. It works in any reliable casino and is organized to solve user problems and answer their questions.

Credit cards are considered the most popular payment method in all online casinos. Therefore, if a casino takes credit cards, it becomes extremely popular among players providing such a convenient payment option. But some unexpected errors or problems often lead to the loss or freezing of funds. We have put together a short guide about disputes and how to reach a consensus in such cases.

Problems at Credit Card Casinos That Can Be Solved Through Disputes

Below, you can find the most frequent disputes between online casinos and users and find solutions to them. Sometimes these can be single cases, but less often, gamblers may face a whole range of errors and difficulties, so it is vital to be aware of the most frequent ones.

The Player’s Winnings Have Not Been Paid Out

Let’s start with the most common situation when the money was debited from the account, the withdrawal of funds was confirmed, and that’s it. In this case, one of the main tips is to wait. Such payment methods as credit cards have an average payment return time of 1-3 business days. Therefore, if the user requests a withdrawal of funds, for example, on Saturday, then most likely, the countdown will start from Monday (the first business day from the moment of the operation).

The site of legal casinos always indicates the timings for all payment methods, including credit cards. Therefore, it is best to familiarize yourself with this information in advance.

Unauthorized Transactions

This dispute is much more severe than the previous one and more problematic. The essence of an unauthorized transaction is that it provokes suspicious actions associated with the player’s account and attracts attention from the casino.

Sometimes such transactions can be a common error of the payment system or lags of the banking system, which did not display the necessary payment data. But most often, this is due to the fraudulent actions of users who commit money laundering through online casinos.

Bonuses or Promo Offers Not Granted

The assortment of bonuses for each casino is different, and keeping track of everyone cannot be easy. This dispute is mostly the casino’s fault because some bonuses may change depending on the popularity and influx of players, but there is no information about this.

For example, the welcome bonus contains 100 free spins, but only 75 are available to players after activation. This is the banalest example, but the essence of such disputes is clear, and in most cases, the truth is on the gambler’s side.

Poor Quality of the Services Provided

And the final example of disputes that can arise during gameplay is the lack of quality services, games, or payment methods.

Advertising works wonders, and sometimes it contains outdated information about services, the range of games, or the variability of payment systems. Therefore, the user has every right to contact the support service and start a dispute.

Solving Disputes at Credit Card Online Casinos

And so, having decided on the problem, a more active stage of action begins. For specificity and accessibility, we have identified 4 main steps you need to take.

Gather Evidence to Support Your Claim

It is important to understand that no one will believe just the words that some problem has happened. ?asino needs evidence and not fake information. For example:

  • Screenshots where the problem is clearly indicated (inconsistency in bonus descriptions, deposit errors, etc.),
  • Screenshots of transactions,
  • Optional proof of your identity (ID, driver’s license, or other proof of your identity),
  • Video recording.

Do not try to Photoshop or use fake screenshots because this might be evidence against you.

Browse the Casino’s Page for Customer Support Contacts

After you have collected all the necessary evidence, contact support. As a rule, this can be done through live chat, email, or phone. All contact information is in the “Contacts” section.

The fastest way is live chat, usually found at the bottom right of the site.

State the Problem and Upload Your Evidence

Politely and clearly describe the problem you are facing and, upon request, provide all the evidence you prepared in step 1. Control your emotions because the casino operator has the right to refuse you in case of aggressive behavior.

Wait for the Casino Representative’s Response

After contacting you, the support operator will indicate the time for processing your application. Depending on the complexity of the request, the time to respond and resolve the problem may vary from 1 to 7 business days.


Besides the fact that CC casinos are highly popular, problems with credit cards in online casinos are not uncommon. Therefore, some casinos do not accept credit cards. Sometimes the reason is the system itself. Sometimes gamblers set limits but forget about them. It is important to understand that contacting the support service is the only correct solution to any problem.

Operators work 24/7 and always try to help users. Therefore, do not try to solve everything on your own and immediately contact you via online chat or another communication method.

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