Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) recently announced that eighteen of its high school students have achieved an academic milestone that distinguishes them in the eyes of future employers and colleges. These outstanding students have successfully earned the State of Maryland Seal of Biliteracy, a prestigious recognition given to those who have demonstrated proficiency in two or more languages.

This honor, established by Maryland in 2016, is an official credential showcasing student’ and educators’ commitment to mastering multiple languages. It validates their multilingual skills and opens doors to various academic and employment opportunities. A crucial element of our ever-globalizing world, this achievement reflects the diverse linguistic talents that exist within Charles County’s student body.

The CCPS staff has also committed to multilingual education, with six members earning the Global Seal of Biliteracy earlier this school year. These accomplishments highlight the continuous dedication towards fostering a robust multilingual learning environment within the CCPS community.

The roster of students who earned this coveted recognition includes individuals from several high schools within the CCPS system:

  • Maurice J. McDonough High School: Katherine Claros Cruz, Mathias Cifuentes Montenegro, Misha Patel, Hayelom Zeru, and Balvir Singh.
  • North Point High School: Daniella Ghonda and Roxana Gomez.
  • St. Charles High School: Angie Martinez.
  • Thomas Stone High School: Gabrielle Tsitsiwu, Milton Fuentes Bonilla, Riley Dunbar, Joel Menjvar Aquino, Lixy Leiva, Kiara Cruz Rodriguez, Ariel Molina Martinez, and Marvin Reyes Saravia.
  • Westlake High School: Renee Ngari and Nayeli Lovo Guevara.

The languages these students have shown proficiency in the range from Spanish and French to Gujarati, Tigrinya, and Eastern Punjabi.

The Seal of Biliteracy underlines the value of language diversity in our society. The linguistic skills of these students equip them to communicate with a broader global community and contribute positively to our diverse and multilingual world. These 18 students exemplify the ideal of 21st-century skills, integrating language proficiency with academic accomplishment.

As the State of Maryland and Charles County Public Schools continue to recognize and foster bilingual and multilingual education, these students stand as a testament to such endeavors’ importance. Their achievement sends a strong message to other students about the benefits and opportunities that mastering multiple languages can provide.

Recognizing these 18 students not only honor their dedication and hard work but also highlights the critical role that language education plays in today’s global society. Charles County Public Schools’ commitment to promoting multilingual education signifies its dedication to preparing its students for a multicultural and interconnected world.

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