The popularity of gambling is provoking the need to implement appropriate regulations. Some governments completely ban this risky entertainment, while others have already legalized casinos and bookmakers.

New Zealand and the US are among those countries implementing appropriate legislation for gambling. Let’s take a look at the gambling legal landscape and learn more about regulations.

Legal Framework of Online Gambling in New Zealand

New Zealand is considered one of the well-known gambling capitals. Gamblers from different regions enjoy luxury gaming houses. Real-money online casinos are no less famous. Numerous players benefit from cash gambling at CasinoDeps sites offering New Zealanders reliable banking methods and lucrative promotions. Therefore, the need for appropriate regulations is high.

New Zealand’s Regulatory Bodies and Laws Governing Online Casinos

The Gambling Act of 2003 is the primary document controlling casinos and bookmakers. All gambling activities going against this regulation are prohibited. It’s worth noting that domestic gaming websites are banned. But foreign platforms are widely accepted within the country.

Multiple operators entered the NZ market, providing gamblers with a huge choice. Generally, customers are not prohibited from gambling in online casinos, but players under 20 are not allowed to gamble due to the age restriction in casinos. On the other hand, gambling businesses operating illegally are penalized.

Some New Zealand Gambling Statistics

It’s no secret Kiwis are passionate gamblers. According to statistics, online casinos’ revenue has grown almost twice from 2020 to 2023. It reached $39.59 million and is predicted to increase to $50 million by 2027.

Over 80% of residents confirmed they’ve at least once tried playing in online casinos, placing bets, or buying lottery tickets. It’s an impressive statistic, showing that gambling is one of the national entertainment types.

Legal Framework of Online Gambling in the US

Even though the US is one of the developed countries, its gambling legislation is still weak. Land-based casinos are legal on the whole territory, but the laws vary depending on the state. First of all, gambling is a perfect way to get additional income from taxes.

Regulatory Bodies and Laws Governing Online Casinos Due to Each State

The Interstate Wire Act of 1961 (Federal Act) was initiated by Kennedy even before the massive popularity of the Internet. The following governments have made several amendments to this regulation, but it’s not perfect for virtual casinos. Other responsible authorities controlling risky activities include:

Every state has its own regulations, which players should check in advance. It’s important to ensure they don’t break any law before joining any gambling website. Travelling to Vegas is always a great idea, but regulations in other regions vary.

Nevada is considered the biggest gambling market in the country, but other states are not far behind in terms of online casinos.

US Gambling Statistics & Facts

The popularity of online casinos skyrocketed in 2020 during the Covid-19 era and didn’t give up its position during the following years. Statistics indicate that US residents broke the record in 2022, spending over $54 million on gambling. And the research shows that this sum is about to grow in the future.

According to surveys, over 85% of Americans have tried playing in casinos. It’s a huge percentage, showing this entertainment will not lose its relevance. Grab some more exciting facts about this risky activity in the US:

  • 30% of users trust gambling operators and consider the activity fair.
  • Around 45% of the US residents mentioned they gamble regularly.
  • The problem gambling rate stands at 0.7%, which is a high indicator.
  • 40% of players consider responsible gambling policies effective.

Overall, the market is booming, but the country still lacks regulations. Governments are working on developing particular laws that will benefit both players and operators. Reducing instances of problem gamblers is also on the agenda, so appropriate mechanisms are implemented.

Final Insight

A massive boom in the gambling industry is evident, and governments face new challenges. Both New Zealand and the United States have some similarities regarding the iGaming market. Moreover, both countries offer land-based as well as online casinos, while online and offline slot machines are extremely popular and a huge number of people are involved in this risky activity.

Therefore the main task is to implement appropriate legislation and prevent gambling addiction. Even though both countries have particular rules for casino activities, they are still imperfect. It makes working on new laws considering the fast-changing environment critical for the NZ and US governments.

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