Coming to the world of Diablo 4, which was recreated based on the popular series of past years by Blizzard, the player needs to know and understand many nuances for a successful game.


This is one of the most important criteria for the strength and ability of a character – the further you advance through the storyline and kill monsters, the higher your game level, and hence the stronger your skills and ultimate abilities.

Experience can be pumped in several ways:

  1. Normal pumping – take quests and beat all the monsters you encounter on the way from act to act.
  • Go to all the dungeons that come your way to clear and gain experience, equipment, and gold. There is always a chance of running into too many monsters or a powerful enemy, so keep teleportation scrolls and healing potions on hand, just in case.
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Earning gold

Gold in Diablo 4 is mined in the classic way – you exterminate monsters to receive a reward, complete the main tasks related to the story and secondary optional tasks, clear dungeons and fortresses, hunt world and local boos.

Do not forget to evaluate and sell equipment that is unnecessary and not suitable for your class to other players, or NPCs for a quick profit.

Find a horse

Horses are your faithful companions, which can help greatly increase your mobility and allow you to use a companion to break and reduce the distance.

To get your first horse – participate in all quest activities to go through the first three acts and get to the Cathedral of Light, upon completion of local assignments you will receive your first horse.

The horse cannot be pumped, but can be customized and give any look that is pleasing to the eye.

Equipment repair

All equipment and weapons have their own tensile strength, which will gradually subside until it leads to a final breakdown and the inability to use it, which can happen even during combat and turn the battle into hand-to-hand combat.

It is important to have several types of spare weapons for quick change in a critical situation.

Weapons and armor can and should be repaired. This can be done in any city by paying the required amount of gold to the craftsman. Keep in mind that the total cost depends on the total value of the item and not every weapon is worth the money to repair it, sometimes it’s easier to just get the same one. Of course, this fits the standard weapons and armor that you get from monsters at the beginning of the game.

Please note that in case of death, the equipment will be drastically reduced in strength and this parameter will be significantly reduced. Damage will be many times greater than from attacks and taking damage.


There are several types of equipment in Diablo 4, and it is important for the player to constantly improve it in order to progress in passing acts and prepare for the transition to the next level of difficulty.

Ordinary items – mined from all types of monsters and have minimal increases in performance.

Sets are pieces of general equipment that enhance all types of character skills and characteristics if at least two items from the set are found.

Legendary items – weapons and armor with a special set of characteristics, which can often compete only with a fully assembled set of equipment for their class, in other cases they have no analogues at all, but they are also especially difficult to obtain and are considered rare items.


In Diablo 4 there is the concept of fame – the general popularity on the Blizzard servers, which is increased by completing special and useful tasks and actions for other players.

Unlock new territories and new altars for Lilith, make Wandering Gates, complete optional tasks, clear dungeons and fortresses.

In total there are 5 frontiers of your fame, each of which will bring you gold, additional healing potions and various amplifiers for your equipment, and skill points of course.

Look for aspects

Aspects are special amplifiers that add additional characteristics to your equipment or weapons.

You can get the Aspect in most dungeons, but keep in mind that each of them has a binding to its own zone. This means that special items need to be obtained in a certain place and figure out where the aspect that is most suitable for your class is located. Stuffing them for sale does not make much sense, due to the large number of players who do the same, so concentrate solely on self-sufficiency.

Always carry potions

Diablo 4 is a rather gloomy world that is inhabited by a large number of monsters that often act in large groups and have various skills that can deal both spontaneous and high damage that can kill, or bring HP close to zero. That’s when you need a healing potion.

Buy them from alchemists, knock them out of monsters, and get them for increasing the level of fame.

Secondary quests

Do not ignore all kinds of assignments and tasks that are offered to you in addition to the main story quests.

They help to get additional experience, gold and potentially good equipment, which sometimes cannot be obtained in any other way, not to mention boosting the level of fame

Go to dungeons and fortresses – clearing them will allow you to spend a lot of time for maximum progress and grind. Collect everything you can carry and gradually learn as you go to analyze items that are of value to the hero, or suitable for sale to other players. Ignore most items that will just take up space in your inventory.

Do not hurry

Diablo 4 is a world that is unofficially divided into stages, each of which is assigned a certain level and conditional strength of the hero based on the equipment and weapons that he should have. For example, for act 2 and 3, you need to get an increase of 10 levels. Of course, you can speed up, but the game itself will stop you when you reach the limit of your combat potential and stagnate until you reach the required values.

Therefore, do not rush and better enjoy the world of Diablo 4 and gradually go through act after act and strive to maximize the strengthening of the hero at each interval of game development. Eventually you will get to the hardest level of the game and start building up the potential for high level content and confrontation with other players.

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