Calvert County- In recognition of his unwavering professionalism, exemplary job performance, and exceptional dedication to his duties, Master Correctional Deputy Ronald Richardson has been honored as the Calvert County Detention Center’s Officer of the 2nd Quarter. Sheriff Ricky Cox and Major T.D. Reece proudly announced this well-deserved accolade, commending Richardson for his outstanding leadership skills, positive attitude, and willingness to go above and beyond his assigned tasks consistently. With his commitment to excellence, Richardson has proven himself to be an invaluable team player and a significant asset to the Corrections Bureau.

Pictured L to R: Capt. Cross, Major T.D. Reece, MCD Richardson, Sgt. Mohler, and Sheriff Cox. Credit: Calvert County Sheriff's Office

Master Correctional Deputy Ronald Richardson’s tireless efforts and commitment to upholding the highest service standards have not gone unnoticed. Throughout his tenure, Richardson has consistently demonstrated an unwavering dedication to his duties, ensuring the safety and security of his fellow officers and the inmates under his care.

“Richardson’s professionalism, combined with his exemplary job performance, sets a high standard for his peers to follow,” Sheriff Ricky Cox commented. “His positive attitude and exceptional leadership skills make him a true team player, fostering a cooperative and productive work environment within the Corrections Bureau.”

Richardson’s exceptional performance and commitment to the agency and the citizens of Calvert County have garnered him respect and admiration from his colleagues. His ability to consistently exceed expectations has established him as a role model within the Calvert County Detention Center.

The Calvert County Detention Center is responsible for ensuring the safe and secure custody of individuals who have been arrested, awaiting trial, or serving their sentences. As such, the dedicated and exemplary service of correctional officers like Master Correctional Deputy Ronald Richardson is vital to the overall functioning of the facility.

“I am honored to receive this recognition and to be acknowledged for my efforts,” said Master Correctional Deputy Ronald Richardson. “I believe in the importance of maintaining a positive and professional work environment. I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the safety and well-being of my fellow officers and the inmates.”

Richardson’s commitment to his profession extends beyond his regular duties. He consistently demonstrates a willingness to go the extra mile, taking on additional responsibilities and tasks to ensure the smooth operation of the detention center.

The Calvert County Detention Center recognizes the importance of acknowledging and honoring exceptional officers like Richardson, who consistently demonstrate exceptional performance and dedication. Their contributions play a crucial role in maintaining the safety and security of the facility and the community it serves.

Master Correctional Deputy Ronald Richardson’s selection as Officer of the 2nd Quarter is a testament to his unwavering commitment, exceptional leadership skills, and overall positive impact within the Corrections Bureau. The Calvert County Sheriff’s Office and Major T.D. Reece extends their congratulations and gratitude to Richardson for his outstanding achievements and for representing the highest standards of the agency.

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