PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. – July 10, 2023 – The North Beach Senior Center, a popular gathering place for local senior citizens, has been forced to close its doors indefinitely following a burst water pipe incident. The safety and well-being of the center’s visitors have been prioritized, and Calvert County Government officials are actively working to resolve the issue.

In light of the closure, alternative arrangements have been made to ensure that the affected seniors continue to receive essential services. Lunches will now be served at the Calvert Pines Senior Center and the Southern Pines Senior Center. To reserve a meal at the Calvert Pines Senior Center, individuals are urged to call 410-535-4606, while those interested in dining at the Southern Pines Senior Center should contact 410-586-2748.

The meal delivery service will continue without interruption for the North Beach seniors who currently rely on Meals on Wheels. These seniors can rest assured that they will still receive their daily meals despite the temporary closure of the center.

As the authorities work diligently to address the water pipe issue and make the necessary repairs, regular updates regarding the North Beach Senior Center reopening will be provided to the public. The Calvert County Office on Aging (OOA) will be responsible for sharing this information through various channels.

To stay informed about the reopening progress, concerned citizens are encouraged to visit the Calvert County Office on Aging’s Facebook page at The North Beach Senior Center webpage at will also be a reliable source for updates regarding the center’s operations.

During the temporary closure, individuals can contact the Office on Aging with any concerns or requests for assistance by calling 410-535-4606. The OOA offers a wide range of programs and services designed to enhance the quality of life for senior citizens. To learn more about the Office on Aging and the valuable resources they provide, interested individuals can visit their website at

The North Beach Senior Center’s unexpected closure has disrupted the daily routines of many seniors who rely on the center as a hub for socialization and access to vital resources. However, the Calvert County Government and the Office on Aging are working tirelessly to resolve the burst water pipe issue promptly. Restoring the normal operations of the center is of utmost importance to ensure that the community’s senior population can continue to enjoy a high quality of life.

As the repairs progress, the affected seniors and their families are encouraged to stay connected with the Calvert County Office on Aging for the latest updates. The local community’s support and understanding during this challenging time will undoubtedly play a crucial role in the swift resolution of the issue and the eventual reopening of the North Beach Senior Center.

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