Calvert County, Maryland – In a commendable recognition of linguistic excellence, the Calvert County Board of Education honored the 2023 Maryland Seal of Biliteracy recipients at their July meeting. These outstanding students have demonstrated exceptional proficiency in one or more languages, showcasing their dedication and hard work in mastering languages beyond English.

The prestigious Maryland Seal of Biliteracy award celebrates students who have gone above and beyond in their language learning journey. It recognizes their ability to effectively communicate and understand different cultures, enhancing their global awareness and preparing them for a diverse and interconnected world.

During the ceremony, the Board of Education praised the awardees for their commitment to language acquisition and applauded their exceptional achievements. The Seal of Biliteracy is a testament to the students’ dedication, perseverance, and passion for languages.

The Maryland Seal of Biliteracy has gained significant recognition as a valuable credential for college admissions and future career prospects. It acknowledges the value of multilingualism in an increasingly globalized society, highlighting the importance of language proficiency as a valuable asset in various professional fields.

The rigorous criteria for the Maryland Seal of Biliteracy require students to demonstrate advanced proficiency in a language other than English and a strong grasp of English. This achievement requires significant time and effort, involving rigorous coursework, language assessments, and real-world language application.

Calvert County’s commitment to fostering multilingualism among its students has been evident through its language programs and dedicated educators. The recognition of the Maryland Seal of Biliteracy is a testament to the district’s emphasis on providing students with the tools to become global citizens equipped for success in an interconnected world.

As the ceremony concluded, the Calvert County Board of Education commended all the 2023 Maryland Seal of Biliteracy recipients. Their achievements serve as an inspiration to their peers and a testament to the value of language learning in personal growth and global understanding.

The Maryland Seal of Biliteracy recognizes the extraordinary linguistic accomplishments of these exceptional students and reinforces the importance of multilingualism in our increasingly interconnected society. With their language skills and cultural awareness, these students are poised to significantly impact the world stage, embracing diversity and fostering meaningful connections across borders.

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