This article benefits everyone who is interested in learning about 100-200mg modafinil cost mechanics.

  • The cost of generic 200mg modafinil starts at $69.00 for a 30-day supply. The cost of brand-name 200mg Provigil starts at $1,161.35, making it 16.83 times more expensive compared to generic modafinil.
  • The cost of 200mg modafinil at CVS Pharmacy declines by 10.74% when buying a 60-day supply instead of a 30-day supply.
  • The cost of 200mg generic modafinil (Modalert) at ModafinilXL is $2.30 per tablet when getting a 30-day supply while it drops to $0.90 when buying in bulk (500-day supply). Buying in bulk from ModafinilXL brings the cost per 200mg Modalert down by 60.86%, implying sizeable discounts.
  • Online modafinil pharmacies, discussed in this article, offer up to 20% discounts when paying Bitcoins. Individuals can use coupons and free modafinil samples (10-20 tablets) to enjoy even higher modafinil price discounts.

Modafinil is a Schedule IV prescription-only medication sold under several brand names (Provigil, Alertec, Modafinilo), which affects its cost. Modafinil is prescribed on-label to treat medical conditions such as narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea, and shift work sleep disorder. Modafinil is also known as a nootropic or a “smart drug” as scientific research shows that the drug can promote wakefulness, improve alertness, and enhance cognition and productivity. This article will answer the questions like “How much does modafinil cost?” and “What’s modafinil’s best price and where you can quickly get it with the highest possible cost savings?”

Modafinil Cost Executive Summary | Best Savings Options

  • The quoted modafinil prices online usually have specific conditions attached to them, such as payment by cash, insurance coverage, co-insurance, co-payments, customer deductibles, and so on.
  • The cost of modafinil depends on the pharmacy, dosage, quantity, need for generic or a brand name drug, and insurance coverage.
  • 200mg Provigil prices can exceed the generic modafinil cost as much as 16.83 times.
  • A 30-day supply of Provigil in 200 mg strength can be priced as high as $1,224.46 at Capsule Pharmacy.
  • A 30-day supply of generic modafinil in 200 mg strength can be priced as low as $29.00.   

How Much Does Modafinil Cost?

Modafinil prices depend on tablet strength, purchase quantity, and whether it’s a generic or branded option. Individuals have the option to buy one brand named modafinil (Provigil) tablet for as high as $40.816 per tablet if a generic version of the drug is not preferred. However, several reputable online pharmacies sell generic modafinil for as low as $0.90 per pill if purchased in bulk.

For example, individuals can pay up to $1,224.46 for 30 brand-named 200 mg modafinil pills at Capsule Pharmacy. At the same time, different online vendors and/or walk-in pharmacies can reduce your expense to as low as $29 for the same 30 pills of 200 mg generic tablets (or $2.30 per tablet). The 100mg modafinil generic tablets are typically priced 50-60% lower. For example, the 30-day supply of 100mg generic modafinil costs $154.17 at Rite AID vs. $232.37 for 200mg without insurance.

What’s The Cost of Modafinil With and Without Insurance?

The cost of 200mg generic modafinil without insurance at different pharmacies is outlined below. The cost without insurance overview doesn’t include available discounts or coupons from these vendors. The list of online pharmacies below is ranked by affordability.

The cost of modafinil with insurance is typically 25%-40% cheaper. However, the cost of modafinil varies depending on your healthcare provider, insurance coverage, and eligibility. If you are on any patient assistance programs or have great insurance coverage, this can further reduce your expenses. Terms and conditions may apply for different platforms, and using a generic or brand-name version of modafinil affects pricing.

Is The Cost of Generic Modafinil Lower Than Provigil?

Yes, the generic modafinil costs less than the brand-name Provigil. The 30-day supply cost of 200mg brand-name Provigil starts is $1,161.35 at the CVS Pharmacy while the 200mg generic modafinil costs $279.68. Thus, the 30-day supply of a generic version of 200mg modafinil is 75.917% cheaper than Provigil.

Generic drugs are cheaper because generic manufacturers do not need to spend millions of dollars on research and development (R&D) costs. Both the generic and brand-name modafinil products have the same active ingredients. In addition, the cost of brand-name modafinil is also dependent on where you buy it from, the discounts and the available promotion, and the form of payment chosen. Be mindful that the medication costs on most online platforms are constantly updated.

How Generic Armodafinil And Modafinil Cost Compare?

According to Singlecare, an online retail pharmacy platform, brand-name armodafinil (Nuvigil), available in 50 mg – 250 mg tablets, can be purchased for $983.62-$1,067 for a 30-day supply. Brand name 200mg modafinil starts at $1,161.35 at CVS Pharmacy. Health insurance company coverage can reduce this cost significantly. At the same time, the cost of generic modafinil at starts at $0.90 per pill if you buy it in bulk.

What Affects the Cost of Modafinil?

The pricing of pharmaceutical drugs, including modafinil, is mostly determined by the manufacturing companies and is relatively unregulated. These companies set prices based on projected demand and supply, with the primary aim of increasing their revenue. Unfortunately, this often comes at the expense of improving healthcare delivery. Therefore, the cost of modafinil follows the typical market dynamics of supply and demand.

How To Get Modafinil Cheaper?

The best way to get modafinil cheaper is to order online from credible drugstores offering unique discounts and free deliveries that save costs. You can also research the best online pharmacies to help you get better deals.

How Much Can I Save On Modafinil Prices With Coupons?

You can save up to 60% off the order value with modafinil coupons. Retail stores offer modafinil coupons, stores like Walmart, Walgreens ScriptSave, WellRx, RITE AID, CVS Pharmacy, etc. Find the coupons, print them, and save them for later use. ModafinilXL, for example, offers up to 20% discount if you pay with Bitcoin (BTC).

Is Copay Available With Modafinil?

Yes, with copay cards, you can purchase modafinil at a reduced out-of-pocket cost. The price range for modafinil is between $29-$350.63. When combining your copay with the discounts you can get at different participating pharmacies or online retail stores, you can get a good modafinil deal for yourself.

What’s a Modafinil Patient Assistance Program?

Pharma companies sponsor patient programs, and they are designed to offer cost-free or significant discounts on medicines, including modafinil. These programs are mainly done to improve healthcare service quality and delivery. Consider contacting Cephalon and Teva incorporations, the drug makers, for information on modafinil assistance programs as this information isn’t widely available.

Are There Modafinil Rebates?

There are no modafinil rebates, as no patient assistance programs are currently available for modafinil. However, modafinil prices and coupons are available. For more information on this, you can also contact Teva and Cephalon LLC for any cost-saving programs that might be available.

Who Is The Cheapest Modafinil Supplier?

ModafinilXL is the cheapest modafinil supplier with the 200mg generic modafinil starting at $0.90 per tablet. BuyModafinilOnline is another web-based pharmacy that offers very competitive modafinil pricing.

Where to Buy Modafinil Online at a Discount?

Based on our research, there are two online pharmacies where to buy modafinil online at a discount that stands out for sizable savings, competitive shipping, free samples, and cheap price.

1. ModafinilXL | Buy Now

ModafinilXL ships worldwide and provides free samples (10-20 tablets) with each order. This means that irrespective of your location, you can order on this pharmacy platform legally and have discounted modafinil delivered to you in no time.

ModafinilXL’s telehealth platform is known for excellent customer discounts. You can get up to 20 pills free of modafinil generic (Provigil). As an example, this online pharmacy allows you to save up to 86.44% on your total expenses compared to CVS Pharmacy, if you buy a 30-day supply of 200mg modafinil. In addition, ModafinilXL guarantees modafinil delivery, and pharmacists are highly knowledgeable, based on Reddit reviews.  

2. | Buy Now

This online telehealth platform is reliable and known for non-existent fees and sizable savings. Users, including us, rate pharmacy’s experience at a solid 4-star out of 5. They sell generic 100 and 200mg modafinil that costs less, making it a perfect option for individuals who want to save money. offers express shipping with tracking, coupled with assured delivery in 7 days. The pharmacy also accepts credit cards of all forms.

Are Modafinil and Armodafinil Prescription Medications?

Modafinil and armodafinil are prescription medications used to treat conditions such as narcolepsy and obstructive sleep apnea that cause irregular sleep patterns and excessive daytime sleepiness. Off-label, modafinil is prescribed to treat depression, fatigue, ADHD, idiopathic hypersomnia, and chronic fatigue syndrome of patients on chemotherapy. 

Armodafinil is sold under the widely known brand name Nuvigil while modafinil’s brand name is Provigil. Armodafinil has a longer half-life (duration of action) compared to modafinil: 15 hours vs 12-15 hours. A standard oral dose of modafinil is 200 mg per day and 150 mg of armodafinil per day. Both medications are usually taken in the morning with or without food.

What Is Modafinil Mechanism of Action?

Modafinil works by inhibiting dopamine (neurotransmitter) reuptake – “the feel-good hormone” – subsequently increasing its concentration in the brain. Modafinil is a Schedule IV drug called a eugeroic – meaning it’s designed to promote wakefulness and alertness after orally administering 100mg or 200mg dose.

What Are Modafinil Side Effects?

Modafinil’s side effects can differ from one person to another due to differences in the body’s genetic makeup. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Drug Approval Package, the main side effects and their respective statistical occurrence probability include:

  • Headaches – 34%
  • Nausea – 11%
  • Nervousness – 7%
  • Rhinitis – 7%
  • Back Pain – 6%
  • Diarrhea – 6%
  • Dizziness – 5%
  • Anxiety – 5%
  • Dyspepsia – 5%
  • Insomnia – 5%

Individuals on modafinil report that most of the side effects are mild and they disappear in most patients with repeated use. That is also the reason why modafinil is a good option for individuals struggling with sleep apnea and shift work disorder.

Modafinil Cost Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Modafinil So Expensive?

Cephalon Inc, one of the modafinil manufacturers, must conduct clinical trials at significant cost just to ensure that the drug is safe for public consumption. The cost of these clinical trials and R&D has a bearing on the final market value of the medication. Another reason why modafinil may be expensive is to prevent anti-competitive practices, as the manufacturer no longer holds exclusive patents to sell the medication.

How Much Do Modafinil Costs Per Month?

The cost of 200mg modafinil per month ranges from $29.00 – $350.63. Modafinil oral tablets’ average price can be different from pharmacy to pharmacy. It’s dependent on the availability of modafinil from different suppliers, whether it’s a generic or a brand-name drug, insurance availability, the location of the pharmacy, the dosage/quantity prescribed, and the availability of discounts and promotions, such as loyalty programs or bulk purchases.

What’s the Modafinil Cost Per Pill If I Buy 30 Tablets Versus 60 Tablets?

For example, the cost of a month’s supply (30 days) of 200mg modafinil at CVS Pharmacy is $279.68 vs a 60-day supply cost of $499.30. The cost per 200mg modafinil tablet is 10.74% lower when buying a 60-day supply vs. a 30-day supply ($9.32 vs. $8.32 per tablet).

Purchasing a larger quantity of modafinil tablets will result in a lower cost per pill compared to purchasing a smaller quantity. Check with the specific pharmacy you plan on purchasing from to get an accurate cost per pill for your desired quantity of modafinil tablets.

What’s The Best Wholesale Price for Modafinil?

The best wholesale price for modafinil depends on the pharmacy, dosage, quantity, insurance coverage, etc. Based on market research, the best price is below $1 per 200mg pill.

What’s The Average Pharmacy Cost For Modafinil?

According to the Journal of the National Institute of Health, the estimated average modafinil price for 100mg tablets is about $22.07.

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